Representative in Congress

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Republican (REP)

Occupation: Independent Media Consultant, TVCTV producer;host of “Live with Lisa Michaels”

Occupational Background: Local TV/radio advertising sales representative

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science, Kansas University

Prior Governmental Experience: Republican nominee for Oregon House (2000) and Oregon Senate (2008); alternate delegate to the Republican Convention (2004)

Our district’s seat in Congress became vacant on August 3, but it’s been empty for years. Oregon’s First has been last. Here’s how I’ll put Oregon First as your representative:

Defense: I lost a relative on 9/11. I supported our government’s efforts to find and punish the 9/11 masterminds. This year we succeeded. Our mission is complete. As your voice to put Oregon First, I’ll vote to bring home your sons and daughters, and our other brave troops, as soon as our ground commanders agree it is safe.

The Deficit: We can’t keep borrowing $1 trillion a year from our grandchildren. Congress needs a balanced budget amendment, and the place to start is with a balanced budget. We won World War II in less than five years; we can balance the budget in five years.

As your voice to put Oregon First, I’ll vote for budgets only if the deficit is less than $1 trillion in 2013, then decreasing on a sliding scale to zero by 2017.

Income Taxes: Congress must rein in high spending before talking about increasing taxes on hard-working Americans.

As your voice to put Oregon First, I’ll vote against raising your taxes to fund bloated budgets.

Taxes: The First District has a competitive advantage because Oregon has no sales tax. We need to promote this to attract businesses to consider Oregon First when relocating.

As your voice to put Oregon First, I’ll vote against raising your taxes. I will work with our state leaders to protect our no-sales tax advantage from federal interference.

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(This information furnished by Lisa Michaels.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722