Amends Constitution: Changes The Principles That Govern Laws For Punishment Of Crime

    Amends Constitution: Grants Legislature New Power Over Both New, Existing Administrative Rules

  • State Measure No. 28

    Amends Constitution: Repeals Certain Residency Requirements For State Veterans' Loans

  • State Measure No. 29
  • Amends Constitution: Governor's Appointees Must Vacate Office If Successor Not Timely Confirmed

  • State Measure No. 30
  • Amends Constitution: State Must Pay Local Governments Costs Of State-Mandated Programs

  • State Measure No. 31
  • Amends Constitution: Obscenity May Receive No Greater Protection Than Under Federal Constitution

  • State Measure No. 32
  • Authorizes Bonds For Portland Region Light Rail, Transportation Projects Elsewhere

  • State Measure No. 33
  • Amends Constitution: Limits Legislative Change To Statutes Passed By Voters

  • State Measure No. 34
  • Wildlife Management Exclusive To Commission; Repeals 1994 Bear/Cougar Initiative

  • State Measure No. 35
  • Restricts Bases For Providers To Receive Pay For Health Care

  • State Measure No. 36
  • Increases Minimum Hourly Wage To $6.50 Over Three Years

  • State Measure No. 37
  • Broadens Types Of Beverage Containers Requiring Deposit And Refund Value

  • State Measure No. 38
  • Prohibits Livestock In Certain Polluted Waters Or On Adjacent Lands

  • State Measure No. 39
  • Amends Constitution: Government, Private Entities Cannot Discriminate Among Health Care Provider Categories

  • State Measure No. 40
  • Amends Constitution: Gives Crime Victims Rights, Expands Admissible Evidence, Limits Pretrial Release

  • State Measure No. 41
  • Amends Constitution: States How Public Employee Earnings Must Be Expressed

  • State Measure No. 42
  • Amends Constitution: Requires Testing Of Public School Students; Public Report

  • State Measure No. 43
  • Amends Collective Bargaining Law For Public Safety Employees

  • State Measure No. 44
  • Increases, Adds Cigarette And Tobacco Taxes; Changes Tax Revenue Distribution

  • State Measure No. 45
  • Amends Constitution: Raises Public Employees' Normal Retirement Age; Reduces Benefits

  • State Measure No. 46
  • Amends Constitution: Counts Non-Voters As "No" Votes On Tax Measures

  • State Measure No. 47
  • Amends Constitution: Reduces And Limits Property Taxes; Limits Local Revenues, Replacement Fees

  • State Measure No. 48
  • Amends Constitution: Instructs State, Federal Legislators To Vote For Congressional Term Limits

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