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Occupation: Senator, Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Business turnaround consultant, author, alpine ski coach, broadcast announcer and producer, farm laborer

Educational Background: Masters of Management (MBA), Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management; Bachelor of Science, Political Science and History, Cum Laude, Southern Oregon State College; Oregon Public Schools.

Prior Governmental Experience: 2006: Candidate for Governor; 2000-Present: Oregon State Senator; Deputy Senate Leader; Senate Republican Whip; Senate Committees, Vice Chair: Environment and Natural Resources; Member: Legislative Operations and Reform; Finance and Revenue; Elections and Ethics; 1998-2000: State Representative District 51, Assistant Majority Leader

Our Senator- Unwavering, Independent

As Senator, Jason Atkinson has a proven, consistent, and committed track record of service to Oregon. Jason Atkinson stands with farmers, with small business owners, with college students, and working Oregon families. He stands for taxpayers, the unemployed, and senior citizens. Jason Atkinson is a strong voice for what is best in Oregon, setting an example of public leadership and values the hopes of Oregonians who want to believe again.


Jason Atkinson has established a long list of accomplishments and a reputation for optimism, hard work and independence.

-Added over 100 Oregon State Police troopers to Oregon highways
-Fought to fund education in the first 81 days of session
-Proposed elimination of the capital gains tax
-Increased bail amount for meth dealers
-Opposed higher taxes and increased fees

Jason Atkinson is the Next Generation of Oregon Leadership.
Willing to stand - alone
Willing to stand up for us
Willing to make tough decisions

Our Senator - Jason Atkinson

(This information furnished by Friends of Jason Atkinson.)