Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Electrical Contractor (Ret.)

Occupational Background: Electrician 35 years

Educational Background: HS Grad. Most relevant lesson, results always trump theories

Prior Governmental Experience: Frustrating!

It is time for some backward thinking in American Government! Back to following God's laws and the Constitution, then we could:
Protect our National Sovereignty
Restore our borders, halt illegal immigration
Guarantee the right to life for our unborn children, and as adults, keep them out of endless undeclared wars
Retain the right to bear arms
Restore personal property rights
Regain lost American jobs by repealing disastrous trade policies and "Free Trade" entanglements (see
Stop issuing work visas to aliens competing against unemployed Americans
Eliminate corporate welfare and tax incentives to move factories overseas
Return the court system to its proper role of interpreting law instead of making it
Repeal the misnamed "Patriot" Act (Orwell just predicted the wrong year)
Restore proper states' rights
Exclude profanity and obscenity from "free speech" on airwaves, newsstands and movies. We've had enough!
Regarding Schools: Axe the Dept. of Ed. Return control to locals. Stop liberal social engineering and refocus on academics. US seniors now rank last in science among industrialized nations (a poor trade off for graduating politically correct students)
Provide equal time to recent biblical creation evidence
Put prayer in its proper category, free speech
Count how many issues on this list the major parties have either caused or only pay lip service to fixing. Do they really represent your concerns?
If you recognize that America's present course is unsustainable morally and economically, I challenge you to stop wasting your vote on the lesser of the two evils. Let's leave our children the sweet land of liberty we inherited.
To serve, according to Exodus 18:21, 2Chronicles 7:14, and to honor my constitutional oath, that is my pledge to you.
Now go and do the right thing.

(This information furnished by The Dean Wolf for Congress Committee.)