Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Vice-President, The Door Works; Doors Done Right, LLC

Occupational Background: Carpenter; Dental Lab Technician; Youth lay pastor and musician; Sales/service

Educational Background: Multnomah Bible College, BS in Biblical Education.

Prior Governmental Experience: Disappointment


Judging politicians by their track records, not just their talk, it doesn't matter which major party you vote for. It's like a rigged "World Wrestling" match.

It's hard to admit, but you're discouraged about voting. You sense that something is very wrong. America's Christian heritage and God are being dishonored! You know you're COMPROMISING!

If you don't vote for what you believe in, you'll NEVER get what you want!

How things have changed the last twenty years. Who would've thought hard-working Americans would be funding Social Security and public schools for illegal aliens and potential terrorists! Our globalistic policies are bringing us "Homeland insecurity" and mountains of debt. Soon America will pay taxes to the socialist United Nations.

The solution is simple. It begins with the OATH our politicians swear to. It's consistently proven they've no intention of upholding the Constitution. How can our nation survive when thousands of politicians lie about this and get away with it? It's betraying our children and killing our country!

Remembering England's "homeland" brutality, early American patriots established a government with anti-tyrant declarations and rules. Jefferson intuited that the Judiciary would be hardest to control, and in the recent case Lawrence vs. Texas, (re: sodomy) Americans watched six Supreme Court justices betray the Constitution in favor of International Law. As your Congressman, I will favor impeachment of Judges who backstab our country like this!

With God's help, I PLAN TO KEEP THE OATH most politicians ignore. Why waste your vote on empty promises and deceptions from either party? They've had enough chances!

My simplified job description is to follow the Constitution, but it's a long way back: America has strayed far. Join me by doing the right thing no matter what the odds!

(This information furnished by Dale Winegarden.)