United States Senator
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Occupation: Al King Farms

Occupational Background: 1996-present Cattleman, Rancher; 1996-1999 Municipal Judge; 1986-1996 General Building, Grading, Paving, Hazardous Substances Contractor; 1972-1986 California Department of Justice Administrator positions, Governor's Advisor, Drug and Child Support Enforcement Administrator; 1972-1996 Criminal Justice Instructor, UC Santa Cruz, Chapman College, Sierra, Chabot & Klamath Community Colleges; 1967-1972 University Police Officer; 1965-1967 Kaiser Steel (union cardholder).

Educational Background: 1997, 1999 National Judicial College; 1978 USC, Master's Public Administration; 1973 UC Davis, Teaching Credential; 1969 California State University, Bachelor's Public Administration.

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected: 2000-2002 Vice Chairman Oregon Republican Party, Chair Klamath County Republican Central Committee; 2003-present Klamath Community College Board Member. Appointed: 1996 County Financial Planning Committee; 1996-2004 Chamber Board, 1996-present Rotary International.

National politics has escaped control of ordinary people. Our heritage of freedoms, independence and high living standard are being sacrificed at the altar of multi-national socialism by elitists in government.

Reverse this trend with a breed of Congressmen with real world experience who PUT AMERICA FIRST! The Founding Father's legacy of wisdom must be reborn as our guiding principal, bringing hope back to "We the People."

Incumbents have a lock on reelection (they now own the bank!). That's why you don't see me on TV; I don't have a big bankroll! I can truly represent those of us in the "Silent Majority" who I'm running to champion no matter what your party.

I'm a capable, forceful spokesman, uncorrupted by legislative history, not bought by special interests. I will work for US!

You can send me to the Senate comfortable that I will not be "politics as usual," will vote uncompromisingly our issues and our values—do the right thing, just because it's RIGHT! This is a rare gift in politics and can become a National blessing.

Take the leap of faith necessary to achieve change; then elect me to represent you in a return to sovereign Constitutional principals and the National Greatness they endow!



(This information furnished by Al King.)