Representative in Congress

Kurt Schrader photo

Democrat (DEM)

  • Occupation: U.S. Congressman

    Occupational Background: Veterinarian; Small Business Owner; Farmer

    Educational Background: Cornell University, B.A.; University of Illinois, B.S.; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; State Representative; Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Ways and Means; Planning Commissioner.

    Married to Martha, five children: Clare, Maren, Steven, Ryan, Travis

    Putting Our Families and Communities First

    Job Creation

    • Kurt secured resources for job-creating projects like a new employment center in Salem, more manufacturing jobs in Clackamas County and a new National Guard facility in Polk County.

    • Kurt helped make sure that Newport became the new base of the NOAA Pacific Fleet and the hundreds of jobs that brings to our region.

    • Kurt passed a bill creating $44 billion in lending for small businesses and cutting much of the bureaucratic red tape preventing job growth.

    Fiscal Discipline

    • Kurt voted against the big bank bailout and enacted tough new laws protecting Oregon families from the greed and excesses of Wall Street bankers that caused the current recession.

    • Kurt forced Congress to pay for what it spends, introduced legislation cutting wasteful spending, consistently voted against Congressional pay raises and even returned more than $100,000 to taxpayers from his office budget last year.

    Community First

    • Kurt is committed to protecting our Social Security benefits from risky privatization schemes that seek to gamble our benefits on Wall Street.

    • Kurt stood up for Oregon veterans demanding they receive the medical care they earned and helped our returning soldiers get the assistance and job training they need to re-integrate into civilian life.

    • Kurt helped Oregonians win back more than $1.5 million in stalled Social Security payments, denied VA benefits, and delayed IRS refunds.

    “Kurt Schrader has been a great advocate for private sector job growth. I’m a small business owner, and registered Republican, but Kurt has won my appreciation and my support.”

    Lori Luchak, President
    Miles Fiberglass and Composites


    (This information furnished by Kurt Schrader for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722