State Representative

Greg Matthews photo

  • Greg

    Democrat (DEM)

  • Occupation: Firefighter – Gresham Fire and Emergency Services

    Occupational Background: Police Officer, City of Gresham; Paratrooper, US Army; Owner, Small World Learning Center

    Educational Background: Mount Hood Community College; Portland Community College; Gresham High School

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative

    Community Service: Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Officer; Volunteer, Camp Rosenbaum; Teddy Bear Parade emcee; Gresham Spirit of Christmas emcee; Gresham Night Out Against Crime emcee; Sock Hop emcee; Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce member; Police Activities League

    Leading by example

    As a military veteran, former police officer, and firefighter, Greg Matthews has stepped up for our community every time we’ve needed him. And he’s still leading by example, helping us recover from this recession.

    Putting Gresham back to work

    Greg Matthews voted for loans to small businesses to put people back to work and supported funding for good-paying construction jobs for thousands of people around the state. Greg also supported renewable energy employers in the Gresham area and helped make sure our citizen soldiers can get back the jobs they left behind.

    Keeping families safe

    Greg Matthews helped pass laws curbing scrap metal theft -- a major source of money for meth addicts -- as well as securing funding for the Metro Gang Task Force. Greg also voted to hire 139 new State Troopers and worked to limit children’s exposure to hazardous chemicals.

    Looking out for us

    Greg Matthews voted to penalize lenders that let foreclosed properties fall into disrepair. He voted to extend unemployment benefits and prevent employers from using credit scores to disqualify job applicants. Greg also helped pass child-care subsidies for low-wage working families.


    U.S. Senator Ron Wyden
    U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley
    Stand for Children
    Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
    Oregon Education Association
    Oregon AFL-CIO
    Oregon League of Conservation Voters
    Oregon State Police Officers’ Association
    Oregon Nurses Association
    The Mother PAC


    (This information furnished by Friends of Greg Matthews.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722