State Senator

Dwayne E Runyan photo
Dwayne E

Republican (REP)

Occupation: Production Engineer - paid

Occupational Background: Master Chief Petty Officer United States Navy (Retired) 20 years of service

Educational Background: Southwestern College Associates of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected Precinct Committee Person

The events which have occurred over the past budget cycle have convinced me status quo will not do. Two years ago, tax and double digit budget increases was the order of the day for the current legislature. Now, with revenue projections poised to force double digit budget cuts, I am afraid sending the same representatives back to Salem, will achieve nothing. If the current legislature did not believe state budget growth should be paced by inflation and population growth, I do not believe they will start now. The next legislature is going to have to make some hard choices and have a "roll up the sleeves" work ethic. I am asking for the opportunity to serve my district and the State of Oregon with the same honor, courage and commitment I displayed during 20 years in the United States Navy. I believe it has taken 25 years for us to get to this point in our state budget. To suggest this can be corrected in 2 years would be foolish. However; bold steps in the right direction are necessary in order to ensure a good, strong start. If elected, I will need the help of all who want to return sound fiscal responsibility to our state government.

(This information furnished by Dwayne E Runyan.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722