Political Party Statements

Vote Democrat!

We need your vote to make the difference in this election.

This year it is critical that we elect our Democratic Candidates for Governor and State Treasurer and keep our Democratic majorities in the Oregon Legislature and the U.S. Congress. We also have many important local races on the ballot. All of these races are key in protecting the quality of life and the environment in Oregon that we all value.

The Democratic Candidate for Governor has the experience and drive necessary to put together a plan to create jobs and ensure Oregon’s economic recovery. Being a native Oregonian, he has a deep understanding of the complexities of our state and that transformational changes in education, public finance, health care, energy, and community development will bring about the economic recovery that we need.

Democrats recognize that affordable health care is essential for all Oregonians and we are proud that our Legislature was successful in insuring all of Oregon’s children. We need to continue to elect Democrats to the U.S. Congress who will continue working with President Obama to ensure that everyone has access to affordable health insurance.

We understand that the future of our children and of Oregon’s economy depends on investing in education, in order to do this we need to elect strong, experienced Democrats at the state and local level who will invest in our schools. We need a Democratic Governor with experience and ideas for transforming Oregon’s public education system to help our children learn and get resources to the areas where they will be the most effective.

We need your help to win these critical elections by becoming a Precinct Committee Person or volunteer.

Together we can make a difference for:

  • Jobs by creating economic fairness and family wage jobs that are available to all Oregonians.
  • Education by investing in our schools to create a highly skilled, educated, and well-trained work force.
  • Health Care by supporting affordable, accessible health care that works for everyone.
  • Honest Leadership & Open Government by restoring accountability, honesty, and openness at all levels of government.
  • Our Environment by investing in conservation, sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, and protecting our public lands and resources for generations to come.
  • Retirement Security by protecting Oregonians’ right to retire with dignity and security.
  • National Security by continuing to rebuild our credibility at home and abroad, getting out of debt, and protecting our civil liberties.

On behalf of the Democratic Party of Oregon, thank you. We look forward to your involvement in the Democratic team.

Respectfully, Meredith Wood Smith, Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon

To learn more about how you can help us win, contact us:

232 NE 9th Ave., Portland, OR 97232 Phone: (503) 224-8200, Fax: (503) 224-5335, info@dpo.org

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