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Van Elsberg

Occupation: Retired Administrator

Occupational Background: 33 years Coos County Highway Department; last seven years as Coos County Roadmaster, 3 years U.S. Army, Nike Hercules Missile Crewman-Germany; Honorable Discharge.

Educational Background: 154 credit hours Southwestern Oregon Community College; Law Enforcement/General Business.

Prior Governmental Experience: I have never held an elected public office other than precinct person. As County Roadmaster, I was an active member in the Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors, which made recommendations for legislation on the County Road Program and funding; participated in the county budget process; worked with Oregon Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency to secure funding for Coos County.

I'm not a politician, just a citizen. Like you, I have family & friends who have lost jobs and can't find work. You and I both know how hard that is on families. We can't wait for some big corporation to come and save us. We need local businesses for local people to sustain our county's economy. I'll work hard to encourage new business to locate in our area and to attract new viable, safe clean industries that will provide good jobs for local people.

Over the last several years, there's been a growing distrust in county government. If elected, I will do everything within my power to see that county government conducts itself in a fair, open and transparent manner. You cannot have an effective government without information or trust.

In addition, it's my goal that the County's priorities be clearly established for essential services, particularly Public Safety. Our County is rich in human and natural resources and that's what makes Coos County special. Through effective leadership, priorities, dedication and hard work, I believe we can make our county a great place to live once again.

It would be my honor to serve the people of Coos County.

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