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Occupation: Scientist; educator.

Occupational Background: Faculty University of California San Diego; President and Research Professor Linus Pauling Institute; currently President and Research Professor Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine; founder of businesses providing general curriculum and science educational materials. Recent scientific research includes fundamental biochemistry and biochemical studies of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Educational Background: California Institute of Technology BS; University of California at San Diego PhD.

Prior Governmental Experience: Work in Washington, DC, on emergency preparedness, biomedical research, and energy; no political office or governmental employment.

The citizens of Oregon District 4 are today in danger of being without incomes, without jobs, without homes, and without the freedom, prosperity, and way of life that America has previously provided.

The federal government is nearing bankruptcy and the Oregon government is scrambling to survive, while citizens see their savings dwindle, their home prices plunge, their budgets contract, and their employers endangered.

Why have these problems come upon us? Why are we unable to produce 100% of our energy and fuels instead of buying 30% from unstable foreign sources? Why have our industries moved abroad? Why are our brave young soldiers quartered in more than 100 foreign countries and constantly involved in foreign wars? Why are our industries, including our health care system, in danger of government takeover?

The answer is in Washington, where the federal government has abandoned Constitutional principles and gradually imposed crushing taxation, overwhelming bureaucratic regulation and control, and vast government-sponsored litigation upon the once free American people - burdens so great that their hard work and ingenuity can no longer provide the economic freedom and prosperity they once enjoyed.

These burdens must be rolled back. The career politicians in Washington, including the Democrat from District 4 who has helped impose these burdens, should be replaced. Art Robinson is a respected scientist, educator, businessman, and 30-year resident of Oregon with the knowledge and ability to protect and restore our freedoms.

(This information furnished by Art Robinson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722