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  • Occupation: Tax Consultant/Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before I.R.S. Tax Courts

    Occupational Background: Union Boilermaker; Small business owner; U.S. Army Reserve retiree.

    Educational Background: Graduate Studies, Portland State; B.S. Linfield College; Benson Polytechnic High School.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Four years State Representative, eight years Mt. Hood Community College Board; five years elected Multnomah Labor council.

    Having evaluated state agency and school budgets while on the State Revenue and School Finance Committees in the Legislature, Ron McCarty is the most qualified candidate to deal with the fiscal problems and budget issues facing the State of Oregon.

    Experienced at representing constituents, not political machines or the hidden agenda of special interests, Ron McCarty does not accept contributions from lobbyists or corporations.

    Ron believes the most important element of problem solving is listening to all sides to ensure a positive result.

    "Ron McCarty demonstrated during his terms in the Legislature that he was a bipartisan thinker and worked well with both parties in building consensus for his bills. He lowered the state income tax from 10% to 9%, and exempted Social Security from Oregon taxation, and simplified the Oregon tax return. But more important, Ron will represent you best."
    -Bill Dwyer, Lane County Commissioner and former Representative

    "Although his independent voting record often places him outside party ranks, it demonstrates that McCarty represented his district's constituents."

    -Wayne Thompson, former The Oregonian Associate Editor

    Here is what Ron believes in:

    • Education is Oregon's number one priority
    • Establish Rainy Day fund to counter economic cycles
    • Direct Lottery proceeds to Oregon health care
    • Make higher education affordable and accessible
    • Support programs to encourage job creation
    • Partisan politics in Salem must end


    Ron, 503-253-3284

    Vote for Ron McCarty for efficiency in government and positive change. He works for you.

    (This information furnished by Friends of Ron McCarty for State Senate.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722