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  • Nonpartisan

    Occupation: Circuit Court Judge; pro tem for Douglas County

    Occupational Background: Judge, Douglas County Chief Deputy District Attorney; County Counsel; Juvenile Referee; Attorney

    Educational Background: Willamette University College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence, 1980; Walla Walla University, BA Cum Laude, 1977

    Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Judicial Department Age-Appropriate Consultation and Caseflow Management Committees; Douglas County Commission on Children and Families; Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Rule Redraft Committee; Oregon Department of Justice Instructor

    A good judge requires a combination of community service, extensive trial knowledge, and judicial experience. Many of my colleagues and associates recognize that I have this combination. I ask for your vote to continue my work with the Douglas County Court.

    Judicial and Legal Experience:

    • 26 years trial attorney experience
    • 18 years as Chief Deputy District Attorney
      Major Crimes Investigation, Douglas County Multi-disciplinary Teams on Child and Senior Abuse
    • 3 years experience as Circuit Court Judge, pro tem, and Juvenile Referee
      Appointed by Oregon State Supreme Court Chief Justice
    • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Member

    "Bill is the only candidate with the judicial and trial experience necessary to be an outstanding Circuit Court Judge."
        Jack L. Banta, Retired Douglas County District Attorney

    "Bill Marshall is the most experienced, best qualified to be Douglas County Circuit Court Judge."
        Ronald Poole, Douglas County Circuit Court Judge

    "During his judicial service and as a Deputy District Attorney, Bill Marshall has demonstrated his commitment to the citizens of Douglas County and that he is best qualified to be Douglas County Circuit Court Judge."
        Honorable Thomas Kolberg, Retired Douglas County Circuit     Court Judge

    "I've known Bill Marshall for over 20 years. We served together on the Douglas County Commission on Children and Families. I've experienced first hand his concern as a judge for the families in our community. He is the best choice to be Douglas County Circuit Court Judge."
        Bonnie Ford, Roseburg



    (This information furnished by William Marshall.)

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