State Representative

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  • Occupation: Accounts Payable Supervisor

    Occupational Background: 30 years IBEW Inside Wireman, including field supervisor and project engineer; NECA / IBEW Apprenticeship Training Instructor.

    Educational Background: West Albany High School graduate, Valedictorian; Whitworth College, BA in English, Summa Cum Laude; NECA / IBEW Inside Wireman Apprenticeship graduate.

    Prior Governmental Experience: None


    As a proud native Oregonian with a pioneer family history dating back to 1854, I was raised to honor the core values of that heritage: attributes like reliability, hard work, common sense, resourcefulness, fairness, and stewardship. I believe many in our community share these values and would like to see them in action in state government, so together we can:

    • Grow living wage jobs with adequate benefits so people can experience the dignity and satisfaction that comes from being able to provide for their families.
    • Provide needed funding to ensure a high quality education for our children, as well as continuing education and skills training for those looking for new jobs or career advancement.
    • Give small businesses in Oregon the support and infrastructure they need to thrive.
    • Direct adequate resources toward public services for the most vulnerable among us - children, seniors and the disabled.
    • Strike a balance between protection and managed use of the natural environment that is uniquely Oregon's.

    Although we find ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn, and many of us are distrustful of our government's ability to provide for the common good, we cannot ultimately be deterred or intimidated by our frustrations.

    I will bring the fresh energy and resolve of an optimistic grassroots activist to the legislature. I will be a voice for progressive principles and fair, common-sense solutions as decisions are made that affect the lives of Oregonians.

    Working together-creatively and innovatively-we can make Oregon an even better place to live.


    Claudia Kyle

    (This information furnished by Friends of Claudia Kyle.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722