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Occupation: Founder & President, Game Face, Inc.

Occupational Background: Business consultant

Educational Background: Newberg High School; Brigham Young University, BA

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Rob has coached 16 youth athletic teams, served as president of Southside Soccer Club and as a Boy Scout leader. He has been involved with the Good Neighbor Center and volunteered his time to local schools, youth outreach and career fairs.

Family: Married to Allison Au (23 years); father of three sons, ages 20, 17, and 13.

Rob Cornilles. Responsible. Reasoned. Ready.

"Oregonians are not being heard. I will be your voice in Congress and will represent your interests to restore Oregon's greatness and sustainability. To do so, I need your help. Let's do this!"


. Rob knows we can't revitalize an economy and create prosperity through burdensome taxes.

. Rob will advocate for lower taxes for individuals, families and small businesses to encourage investment, lasting careers, and competition in the global marketplace.

. Rob will work to break the barriers of senseless regulation that prevents businesses from starting, expanding, or creating more jobs.


. Rob is running to represent people, not programs.

. Rob has the courage to say "NO" to wasteful spending and will work for a balanced budget - just as Oregonians do at home.

. Rob understands that money borrowed today must be repaid by our children tomorrow.


. Rob believes that health care reform must reduce costs without harming the patient/doctor relationship.

. Rob knows that we cannot get better results through a new national entitlement program managed by a bloated federal government.

. Rob will work towards meaningful improvements, including allowing groups to pool their resources to lower rates, real tort reform, and promoting more competition.


Text "ROB" to 90430 (standard text message rates apply)
or visit www.CornillesforCongress.com

(This information furnished by Cornilles for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722