State Senator

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Occupation: Self-employed in Landscape Maintenance & Gardening 10 years; Team Leader at Harry & David Christmas Eugene Call Center since 1999.

Occupational Background: Twenty years clerical, administrative, personnel and supervisory experience in private sector, city government and aerospace. Four years as officer in U.S. Naval Reserves. Several years seasonal work in local nurseries.

Educational Background: B.A. Sociology/German; twenty years extensive self-study in Sciences and Science Education, Public Policy, and Economics

Prior Governmental Experience: Member: Lane Co. Vegetation Management Advisory Committee 1999-2006 (one year each Vice Chair & Chair). Awarded Certificate of Recognition by Lane Co. Board of Commissioners in 2007; Member: Lane Co. Roads Advisory Committee (2007-2009)

Community Service:

Lane Co. OSU Master Gardener Program 1991; V.P. 1998;
President 1999-2000; Alt State Rep 2001;
To-Do Column for MG Newsletter 4 yrs; Lifetime Member 2001;
Lane Co. OSU Master Preserver Program 1991-2000

I’m running because the Oregon economy is quickly deteriorating and I believe the solutions are fairly straightforward. We need to re-think Oregon and since solutions are all in the details, I suggest the following to take to Salem.

Let’s revitalize the timber industry using proven forest management practices     to create jobs, provide raw materials and establish healthy forests.
Let’s revitalize the fishing industry with hatcheries & fish boxes.
Let’s invest in energy development to provide for future growth and progress     (e.g. oil refineries, LNG, biomass, thermal and nuclear).
We must protect private property rights and reform land-use laws to allow     reasonable diversification
Let’s allow Health Savings Accounts, buffet-style insurance plans bought on a     nationwide free market
Let’s retain only constitutionally essential jobs in government and transfer     others to the private sector (e.g. ODOT)
Let’s eliminate disparity between public and private sector job benefits and     salaries, specifically prevailing wage and require use of e-verify when     hiring employees
Let’s review permit & fee process to benefit business and growth
Let’s allow for School Choice

I humbly ask for the honor of your vote…

(This information furnished by Elect Karen Bodner SD7.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722