Representative in Congress

Suzanne Bonamici photo


Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: State Senator

Occupational Background: Consumer Protection Attorney

Educational Background: JD, BA, University of Oregon; AS Lane Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Attorney, Federal Trade Commission

Family: Married 26 years, two adult children

“Suzanne Bonamici is hardworking, ethical, and has a record of standing up for families,
small businesses, and consumers.She will bring strong new leadership to Congress,
and she has my enthusiastic support.”
Governor Barbara Roberts

Suzanne Bonamici has worked for consumers, small businesses, and Oregon families her entire career.

• At the Federal Trade Commission Suzanne held the financial industry accountable for   predatory lending practices.

• As an attorney, she fought for small businesspeople whose life savings were endangered by   dishonest practices.

• As a volunteer, she worked with the Beaverton Education Foundation to improve local schools.

“As a legislator, Suzanne is a champion for consumers, stands up for Oregon’s middle class families,
and has a remarkable record of getting things done. She is exactly who we need in Congress.”
Oregon Attorney General John Kroger

Suzanne’s effective, principled leadership in Salem shows what she can and will do in Congress.

• Suzanne fought to protect homeowners from mortgage and foreclosure abuse and she’ll    stand up to those who  use the system to gain unfair advantage.

• Suzanne helped provide health coverage for 80,000 Oregon children and she’ll protect    Medicare and Social  Security.

• Suzanne increased access to capital for small businesses; she’ll invest in infrastructure    and clean energy jobs,  not tax breaks for big oil companies.

• Suzanne strengthened public schools, community colleges, and universities; she’ll continue    to promote education  that emphasizes problem solving, not more standardized tests.

“Suzanne has been a real partner in building a foundation to create good jobs for our community’s
future. Her intelligent, effective, and inclusive leadership is exactly what our economy needs.”
David Vernier, CEO, Vernier Software &Technology

Community, business, and elected leaders across Northwest Oregon support Suzanne
See BonamiciForCongress.com

(This information furnished by Bonamici for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722