Representative in Congress

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Republican (REP)

Occupation: President, Game Face Inc. (www.gamefaceinc.com)

Occupational Background: Business owner

Educational Background: Newberg High School; BYU, BA

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Board Member: Oregon League of Minority Voters; Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation; Special Olympics of Oregon; Japan-America Society of Oregon, Business Committee; Umpqua Bank Regional Division; National Advisory Board, Positive Coaching Alliance; former president of Southside Soccer. Volunteer: Good Neighbor Center; Boy Scouts of America; coached 16 youth teams.

Family: Married to Allison Au (25 years), father of three sons, ages 21, 18, 15.

Oregon Jobs: Our #1 Priority

Oregonians need jobs and opportunities, so let’s raise expectations of what a U.S. Representative should BE and DO and elect leaders who can deliver results.

Electing another lawyer to Congress won’t solve the problems we face. We need people who have been driving innovative small businesses, which I’ve been doing for 16 years.

I founded and kept Game Face in Oregon because my family loves it here. Over the years, we have employed 60 people, built a united team, and succeeded together. We have also helped launch more than 500 careers nationwide.

Unlike comfortable politicians, I have had to make personal sacrifices while sticking to a budget. While privileged politicians continue to play partisan games, we Oregonians struggle to find work, make ends meet, educate our kids, and prepare for retirement.

Simpler and Fairer Taxes

This economy confirms our need for a simpler and fairer tax code. I will work to eliminate corporate loopholes and lower the tax rates for everyone, creating more taxpayers and revenues.

Stop Mounting Debt

We can’t afford Washington, D.C. taking on more debt in wasteful attempts to stimulate the economy. By eliminating unreasonable regulations and government waste, Oregonians can and will create jobs and grow prosperity here at home.


A former Oregon governor and Oregon U.S. Senator, current legislators, mayors, county commissioners, and community and business leaders all want to work with Rob. For details,see:



(This information furnished by Cornilles For Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722