State Senator, 27th District




OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Real Estate Broker; Appraiser; Securities Examiner; Circuit Court Clerk;

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Redmond High School; Marylhurst BA; attended Northwestern School of Law

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Legislator 1989-1996; Speaker of the House 1995-96

Member: United Methodist Church; High Desert Museum; Museum Warm Springs; Community Dispute Resolution Program; Community Policing Team; Victims' Assistance Foundation; Deschutes River Conservancy; Bank Director

"Bev Clarno has demonstrated a commitment to the welfare of all Central Oregon's children and families. I am proud to be counted among many Democrats who appreciate Bev's deep commitment to these issues and enthusiastically support her election to the Senate." Dennis Maloney

"I'm please to endorse Bev Clarno for the Senate. Bev earned a reputation as a watchdog for the taxpayers while serving in the Oregon legislature. We need Bev's tenacity in pursuing government waste and demanding accountability to taxpayers. I served with Bev Clarno and observed first hand her ability to buck the system and insist on common sense in government rules and regulations." Congressman Greg Walden

"Bev will go into the legislature with a strong voice and a reputation that will give her and our community a huge advantage in Salem. I have served with Bev in the past and have seen first hand her ability to bring consensus to many difficult issues." Senator Neil Bryant.

"Bev has the experience to understand the job and the dedication and integrity to do it right. We need more people like Bev in the Senate so we can continue to hold the line on spending and limit the burden state government has on our everyday lives." Senator Gene Derfler, Senate Majority Leader

Bev respects the contributions seniors have made to our society

Bev believes our veterans should be honored with adequate benefits

Bev believes education is a top priority for our children

Bev supports early intervention for at-risk children

Bev advocates prevention programs to avoid spending millions on prisons

(This information furnished by Clarno for Senate.)
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