Dear Oregonian:

Welcome to the web-based version of the 2000 General Election Oregon Voters' Pamphlet. There is a great deal of information here and it is our hope that you find it easy to navigate and find what you need. This contains nearly all of the information in the printed version. In some counties, the county voters' pamphlet is inserted into the state book and this does not include the county pamphlets.

I am certain that when Secretary of State Frank I. Dunbar produced the nation's first voters' pamphlet in 1902, he could little imagine that it would one day be read instantly across the globe. Yet despite the delivery method, whether through a 256K modem, a T-1 line or through the US Post Office, the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet remains today the single most important tool that Oregonians use in deciding how to vote.

As you look at the information contained herein, it is important to remember that there are two kinds of information on the measures in this book, some designed to inform you and the rest trying to influence you. The impartial information about a measure (ballot title, estimate of fiscal impact, text and explanatory statement) is at the front of each measure. The information placed by proponents and opponents of the measure follows the impartial information and is clearly labeled.

With this election Oregon will make history. Ours will be the first presidential election ever conducted entirely by mail. I am challenging Oregonians to make history in another way: to have the highest voter turnout of any state in the nation this fall. We are consistently among the highest, but I want Oregon to be the highest.

To promote this effort, I have launched a web site ( as a clearinghouse for election information. If you need additional information beyond what is in this publication, is an excellent place to begin looking.

To participate in this election, there are some important dates to remember:

Thank you for taking the time to study the issues and candidates on the ballot and for participating in the election.


Bill Bradbury
Secretary of State