Representative in Congress, 1st District

Steven Reynolds

Progressive, Libertarian, Pacific Green

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Occupational Background: US Army Officer, Small Business Owner

Educational Background: West Point Graduate

Prior Governmental Experience: Lieutenant US Army

I am a fiscally conservative, socially progressive, civil libertarian. I care about eliminating the excesses of our government, fostering innovation and commerce, and strengthening the programs that protect our most vulnerable citizens. I care that our government is encroaching upon our liberty through legislation and mandate while edging away from the covenants established by our Constitution.

Extremists on both sides dominate our Congress. The loudest, most obnoxious elements of society have come to rule, and America suffers for it. We need leaders that will serve the greater good with allegiance to the people and not to party or corporate bosses. This can only be accomplished by rejecting two-party politics. Democrat or Republican, they stand for the same policies that have led America into its furtive decline. They use wedge issues to distract us while continuing to serve the interests of a few.

I call for a return to common-sense by putting a stop to the political gamesmanship that shakes our confidence in Congress. After I am elected I will introduce a bill limiting the scope of any proposed legislation to its primary purpose. By ending our Congresses ability to make the passage of good legislation dependent upon the inclusion of bad we can limit legislation to the people’s business while fending off special interests. Further, we can hold our representatives accountable for their votes by denying them the political cover of the necessary evil.

For the first time in state history a coalition of grass roots political party’s has aligned behind a candidacy, my candidacy. I earned these nominations by speaking honestly and never dodging questions about my beliefs or positions. You may not agree with everything I say or believe, but I ask that you respect my willingness to speak the truth.

I pledge to place your interests above my own, always.

(This information furnished by Steven Reynolds.)