Secretary of State

Seth Woolley

Pacific Green

Occupation: Senior Software Engineer

Occupational Background: Software Engineer in High-Performance, High-Capacity, Distributed Supercomputing, & Location-based Storage Systems; Administrator, Systems & Networking; Auditor, Computer Security & Quality Assurance

Educational Background: Northwest Public Schools; Willamette University, Computer Science

Prior Governmental Experience: Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Chair, and Elections Administrator of Green Party Local and State Parties;

Elect Seth Woolley to
End Legalized Bribery, Save Native Forests,
Transparent Auditing and Elections

The Secretary of State administers our elections, audits our government, manages files and archiving, and sits on the Land Board. Seth has run grassroots campaigns for election method and campaign finance reform, environmental action, and transparency causes with thousands of small donors and without special interest money.

Seth will end legalized bribery by enforcing
measure 47 (2006) which the voters enacted

You, the citizens of Oregon voted to enact reasonable limits for campaign donations that would ensure broad support for candidates. The current Democratic Secretary refuses to enforce the law, despite no portion ever being overturned by the courts.

Seth will protect native forests
by reversing the Democrat-approved lease
of state-owned forests for clear-cutting.

The State Land Board, composed of three Democrats, the Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer, recently voted to nearly double clear-cutting in the Elliott State Forest in a Faustian bargain to provide a tiny sliver of revenue to public schools. Oregon needs to set up a carbon-based fund to purchase land out of the Common Schools Fund to be forever preserved. Forest preservation is linked with economic growth via increased quality of life. Schools preserve funding, no debt is incurred, and the increased economic vitality leads to even more school funding.

Seth will open government to deep public oversight

Seth will use his software engineering experience to open up access to our government. Seth created extensive donation reports discussed by major media and will push for deeper transparency to enable public auditing.

For native forests and clean, transparent government,
Vote Seth Woolley
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