Representative in Congress, 4th District

Peter A DeFazio

Democrat, Progressive, Working Families

Occupation: U.S. Representative

Occupational Background: Lane County Commissioner, Congressional Aide, Assistant Director Senior Companion Program, U.S. Air Force Reserve

Educational Background: Tufts University, B.A.; University of Oregon, M.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Lane County Commission

Creating Jobs for Oregonians
Peter DeFazio has led the fight to increase investments in our crumbling transportation infrastructure that create thousands of jobs for Oregonians, keep roads safe, and improve our long-term economic competitiveness. DeFazio has fought for Buy America provisions to make sure investments support American jobs and companies first.

His bi-partisan O&C timber plan would put Oregonians back to work in the forest, while protecting old growth, provide revenue for schools, sheriff patrols, and jail beds.

Protecting Social Security and Medicare
DeFazio fought against the Ryan Plan to end Medicare as we know it and proposed legislation to strengthen and protect Social Security.

Balancing the budget
DeFazio pushed for a bipartisan balanced budget amendment. He believes we shouldn’t mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren and is working to rein in federal spending, close wasteful tax loopholes and hold the millionaires and billionaires accountable for paying their fair share.

Ending Giveaways to Wall Street
DeFazio has a long record of standing up to Wall Street and big banks. He fought the financial deregulation that led to our country’s economic collapse and opposed the massive Wall Street bailout. He has long supported strong regulations and consumer protections to help ensure that a similar collapse never happens again.

Holding Government Accountable
DeFazio successfully fought for stronger rules to protect American workers and taxpayer dollars when timber contractors exploited loopholes to hire foreign workers rather than Oregonians.

Stop Price Gouging by Big Oil Companies
“DeFazio fights for lower gas prices,” Headline Drain Enterprise 6-2-11

Pay Raises to Scholarships
DeFazio has refused congressional pay raises and instead used the money to fund 217 scholarships for displaced workers at community colleges in Southwest Oregon.

(This information furnished by DeFazio for Congress.)