Representative in Congress, 2nd District

Joyce B Segers

Democrat, Working Families

Occupation: Property Manager, Author

Occupational Background: Medical Billing specialist, small business owner 19 years

Educational Background: B.A. Sociology, City College of New York; Masters Work in Communications, University of Central Florida

Prior Governmental Experience: None


“What kind of country do we want to live in - a place that caters to the wealthy or a land of opportunity that benefits all? My opponent no longer fights for the security and rights of women, children, seniors and minorities. He supports legislation driven by the greed of the corporations that have funded his campaigns and placed him in office.

“My mission is to strengthen our community and protect all of our citizens with Medicare and Social Security, affordable healthcare, good jobs and equal rights for all.

“Send me to D.C. and I will work tirelessly on your behalf.”

Joyce B. Segers

“We need a Representative who provides the right balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of “We the People.” We deserve a representative who understands business and yet stands up to excessive use of power. We need Joyce Segers in Congress.”

Marcus Heritage, Ph.D, MBA, Retired Business Development Executive

“Joyce stands for and acts on important issues that I have stood up to and worked for many years, including women’s and LGBT rights and a strong U.S. military.”

Beth F. Coye, Commander, U.S. Navy (ret.), Author, Activist

“Joyce Segers gets it - we all prosper, we help our fellow man, and everyone pays their fair share.”

Mark S Kellenbeck, Businessman

“Joyce is the people’s candidate. She represents the people and speaks truth to power. She has earned our support and above all our vote.”

Ashland City Councilor, Carol Voisin

Also supporting Joyce:
David R. Gilmour, M.D.
Fmr. State Representative Suzanne VanOrman
State Representative Peter Buckley (D-Ashland)
Judy Stiegler, Former State Representative
Mike Dugan, Former Deschutes County District Attorney

(This information furnished by Joyce B Segers.)