Representative in Congress, 2nd District

Greg Walden


Occupation: Small Business Owner; U.S. Representative

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner in Oregon since 1986

Educational Background: Graduate: University of Oregon; Hood River Valley High

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Legislator

Stability and Security for Small Business Owners and Hardworking Taxpayers.

I was raised on a cherry orchard in The Dalles and have lived most of my life in the Columbia Gorge. Since 1986, my wife and I have owned a small business. We know the challenge of building a business and growing jobs.

Failed policies out of Washington aren’t helping. America’s in the longest streak of high unemployment since the Great Depression. We need certainty, not the 3,000 new rules the bureaucracy is churning out. We need access to America’s energy resources and better management of our forests.

We Must Prevent a Future Full of Debt, Doubt and Despair.

Let’s be realistic: We don’t have deficits because Americans are taxed too little. We have deficits because Washington spends too much. It’s time for government to tighten its belt and balance its budget, just like families do every month.

It is immoral to keep passing along such debt to our children and our grandchildren. Together we can solve these problems and make sure the promises made to seniors for Medicare and Social Security are kept.

Time for a Fair Shake and Real Solutions.

America must be a place where hard work is still rewarded. A better solution exists for the challenges that face our country. We can change forest policy and put people back to work, improve rural health care, and promote Oregon’s wonderful agriculture. We can reform the tax code, eliminate loopholes, lower rates, and create economic growth.

And as always, we must continue to strongly support our veterans and active duty military. We owe our freedom to them.

Let’s get America working again. I’d appreciate your support in this effort.

(This information furnished by Walden for Congress.)