Representative in Congress, 1st District

Delinda Morgan


Occupation: Small Business Owner, Heavy Equipment Operator and Farmer.

Occupational Background: Construction V.P. & Karate’ Business Owner.

Educational Background: H.S. Graduate and Earn&Learn Program.

Prior Governmental Experience: CD1-Candidate. Completed Government Contracts resulting in many jobs.

I am a wife, married 26 years to former USMC Captain/Marine Aviator, and a Catholic Mother of three Sons. I believe in Right to Life, our Right to Bear Arms and States Rights. My Great, Great, Great Grandparents were Spanish Homesteaders. I am a proud American.

As Small Business Owner, not a career politician, I feel called to run for Congress, for these reasons:

The people of Oregon’s 1st Congressional District have a clear choice:

More government, more taxes, fewer jobs and fewer opportunities, and less freedom;


My vision of a modest government that creates the environment of opportunity, prosperity and success for everyone. I ask for your vote,

(This information furnished by Delinda Morgan for Congress.)