Representative in Congress, 1st District

Bob Ekstrom


Occupation: Door Works, paid

Occupational Background: Entrepreneur

Educational Background: Economics degree

Prior Governmental Experience: Taxpayer

Would you support a candidate who dared to tell you the truth?
Suppose the truth was unsettling and challenging?

First, let’s agree. When people begin to do right things, they make progress over the effects of past mistakes. I propose we begin the ‘right things’ now, not later.

Our debt habit has become life threatening for America. $15.6 trillion and growing is a deep hole. We no longer finance our own debt but rely on foreign nations, primarily China to buy our Treasury Bonds. Do not forget - the borrower is servant to the lender. We have made financial promises that everybody knows are unwise and may be beyond our ability to pay. And then what?

The next budget must break a 100 year habit and be funded with current revenues - no borrowing, not one cent. Things will come out of the shopping cart and go back on the shelf. Expect resistance.

Military stationed in over 115 countries, endeavoring to control the governments of other sovereign peoples, must come home and defend our borders only.

Corporate and individual Welfare is not the job of the Federal Government. End it.

Health Care? Not constitutionally authorized to Federal government except for military /veterans. Gradually eliminate Medicare.

Congress’ job is to maintain trade policies that favor domestic economic activity. International corporate contributions to Congressmen must end.

Class warfare, voting higher taxes on other people, voting special benefits for myself, must stop.

I hear Oregonians say they know what needs to be done but that “it can’t be done”. WHAT? We CAN do what is needed to save our state and nation because “We The People” are still the primary keepers of America’s wealth and freedom.

Principles I hold: ProLife without exceptions, Liberty, Family, Property, Constitution, Limits, American Sovereignty. See for more information.

Less Debt, More Freedom, A Better Future

(This information furnished by Bob Ekstrom for Congress.)