Representative in Congress, 4th District

Art Robinson

Republican, Constitution

Occupation: Scientist; Educator; Businessman

Occupational Background: Faculty, University of California San Diego; Research Associate, Stanford University; President, Linus Pauling Institute; President, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine; Supplier of curriculums and books to more than 100,000 home school and public school students. Scientific research on fundamental biochemistry, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and diagnostic medicine.

Educational Background: Caltech BS; UC San Diego PhD

Prior Governmental Experience: Emergency preparedness, medical innovations; no political office.

Art will work to:

Art is strongly recommended by many industrial, scientific, business, and community leaders:

Publisher Steve Forbes says, “Art’s depth of knowledge of the economic, scientific, energy, and industrial challenges that face our nation is unparalleled. Men of his ability are urgently needed in Washington.” Albany Democrat Herald 10/25/10

Astronaut Scott Carpenter says, “In my experience with space flight, I have come to know many men of excellence. Art Robinson is the best can-do guy I know. He’s what we need in Washington.” KPIC 10/18/10

Congress has given us debt, doubt, and decline. It has:

Let’s replace the politicians who have voted for these things. Let’s elect men and women of excellence to our U.S. Congress.

Please vote for Art Robinson.

(This information furnished by Art Robinson for Congress.)