Measure 83

Ballot Title

Authorizes privately-owned Wood Village casino; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund

Result of “yes” vote: “Yes” vote authorizes a single privately-owned casino in Wood Village; requires casino to give percentage of monthly revenue to State Lottery for specified purposes.

Result of “no” vote: “No” vote maintains current state of the law, which does not authorize any privately-owned casino within state; tribal casinos authorized pursuant to gaming compacts.

Summary: Currently, Oregon Constitution prohibits privately-owned casinos within state. Under measure, State Lottery shall issue renewable 15-year lease permitting owner of former Multnomah Kennel Club in Wood Village to operate gaming devices, table games, keno, and other games of chance at that site. Measure would become operative only if constitution is amended to permit privately-owned casinos within state. Casino operator shall pay 25% of adjusted gross revenues monthly to State Lottery. Lottery shall deposit 20% of adjusted gross revenues into Job Growth, Education and Communities Fund (separate from general fund), and 80% in State Lottery Fund. Moneys in the Job Growth fund are apportioned to the incorporated cities adjoining casino, Indian tribes, law enforcement, and gambling treatment services. Other provisions.