Measure 82

Ballot Title

Amends Constitution: Authorizes establishment of privately-owned casinos; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund

Result of “yes” vote: “Yes” vote amends state constitution to authorize privately-owned casinos; requires such casinos to give percentage of monthly revenue to State Lottery for specified purposes.

Result of “no” vote: “No” vote maintains current state of the law, which does not authorize any privately-owned casino within state; tribal casinos authorized pursuant to gaming compacts.

Summary: Amends constitution. Currently, Oregon Constitution prohibits the operation of privately-owned, non-tribal casinos within the state. Under measure, State Lottery shall permit the operation of privately-owned casinos within the state, provided that the particular operation is approved through an initiative law. Privately-owned casinos must be located within an incorporated city, and city electors must also approve casino location. The privately-owned casino shall pay 25% of adjusted gross revenues each month to a dedicated state fund for the purposes of fostering job growth, educational achievement, vibrant local communities, protecting and improving natural environment, and supporting all federally recognized Indian tribes in Oregon. Amendment prohibits the operation of privately-owned casino within 60-mile radius of existing tribal casino operating on reservation land.