Measure 78

Ballot Title

Amends Constitution: Changes constitutional language describing governmental system of separation of powers; makes grammatical and spelling changes

Result of “yes” vote: “Yes” vote changes constitutional language describing separation of powers to refer to three “branches” (instead of three “departments”) of government; makes other grammatical, spelling changes.

Result of “no” vote: “No” vote retains existing constitutional language describing separation of powers between three “departments” of government (rather than three “branches” of government); retains misspelled, other language.

Summary: Amends constitution. Measure makes nonsubstantive changes to wording now contained in the Oregon constitution. Current state constitutional language describes the governmental separation of powers to be divided into three separate “departments”: Legislative, Executive (including Administrative), and Judicial. Measure revises this constitutional phrasing by changing it to refer to three separate “branches” of government, which conforms to more contemporary, commonly-used designations for these separate divisions of government. Measure changes the description of the two houses of the Legislature to two “chambers” of the Legislature (rather than two “branches” of the Legislature), which also reflects more modern designations for them. Measure additionally modernizes spelling and makes grammatical changes to replace existing references to the Secretary of State as “he,” “him,” and “his” with gender-neutral wording.