State Representative
18th District



OCCUPATION: Christmas tree farmer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Paralegal and technical writer; Certified vocational teacher; Newspaper editor; School library assistant; State Coordinator, Oregon Lands Coalition.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Molalla High School; Associate of Science, Mt. Hood Community College; Court Reporter, College of Legal Arts; Business Communications and Manage-ment, Cum Laude, Concordia College.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Representative, District 18, 2000-present; Assistant Majority Leader; member, PERS Task Force; member, Jobs and Economy, Special Education and School Funding Committees.

PERSONAL: Married 25 years, 1 daughter; Member St. James Catholic Church, Molalla; Clarkes Grange and Oregon Historical Society.

Tootie Smith ­ Opposes Higher Taxes

Tootie Smith voted "no" on new and increased taxes. She understands that state government needs to be more responsible with taxpayer dollars for hardworking Oregonians in these tough
economic times.

Tootie Smith ­ Protecting Our Children's Future

Tootie Smith will work to eliminate unnecessary mandates on schools, fight to keep classes small, and will ensure more money is spent in the classroom - not on bureaucracy. She will be a champion for education and to protect our children's future.

Tootie Smith ­ Committed to Creating Jobs

Tootie Smith will work to attract industry and small businesses to Oregon and to limit unnecessary state regulations that hinder job growth. Oregon's job market can't flourish until we offer creative incentives to new businesses.

"Tootie Smith has voted with small business owners in the state 100 percent of the time. Such a record reflects a solid understanding of the problems facing family businesses and their employees."

J.L. Wilson, Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business

"Salem needs more no-nonsense leaders like Tootie, she displays the innovative problem solving skills and the ability to work with others to make things happen in the State Legislature."

Karen Minnis, House Majority Leader

"Tootie has demonstrated top leadership on behalf of Oregon's vital agriculture and natural resources industries. She is a true friend of the family farmer."

Carol A. Russell, AG-PAC

(This information furnished by Tootie Smith.)

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