Judge of the Circuit Court
1st District, Position 1



OCCUPATION: Circuit Court Judge

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Staff Attorney, Southern Oregon Public Defenders, Inc.; Research Attorney, Oregon Department of Transportation; Law Clerk, Lane County Circuit Court Judge James R. Hargreaves; Millworker

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Oregon School of Law, J.D.; University of Oregon, B.S.; North Bend High School

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Public Safety Coordinating Council; Community Corrections Advisory Council

PERSONAL INFORMATION: 48 years old; wife Cristina; daughter Carmen.

Since I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1988, I have helped improve relations among the police, the courts and the Hispanic community. I was a Board member of the Clinica del Valle, which provides free or low cost medical care. I have been a member of two Jackson County committees that help decide how to spend limited state funds to ensure that community corrections (parole and probation) got the most for each dollar.

I will work to make Jackson County safe, to make the victims of crime whole again and to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be heard and have their rights vindicated. I believe the best training to become a good trial judge is to try plenty of cases. I have over 14 years of in-the-trenches trial experience.

I believe in the commitment I made when I took the oath to become a Judge. I will support the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Oregon. I will faithfully and impartially discharge my duties to the best of my ability.

I offer you a tough, no-nonsense approach to crime and law enforcement. But I also understand that almost everyone who is sent to prison will come back to our community. Punishment without reform is too expensive. When you come into my court, you will be judged on the merits of your case, not on your social status. I offer you toughness and compassion, with the intellect and common sense to know when each is appropriate.

Submitted by,

Lorenzo A. Mejia

(This information furnished by Lorenzo A. Mejia.)

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