Measure 64

Proposed by initiative petition to be voted on at the General Election, November 4, 2008.

Ballot Title

Penalizes person, entity for using funds collected with "public resource" (defined) for "political purpose" (defined)

Result of "yes" vote

"Yes" vote prohibits persons, entities from using money for "political purpose" (defined) if collected with "public resource" (defined), commingled with such money; mandates penalties.

Result of "no" vote

"No" vote retains current law, which does not restrict person's, entity's use of money collected with public resources or commingling such money with "political" funds.


Current law allows individuals, organizations to use money for "political purposes," including money collected with public resources. Measure prohibits individuals, organizations, other entities from using money for "political purposes" if "public resources" were used in collecting it. "Money" includes in-kind contributions, independent expenditures, pass-through contributions. "Public resources" include money, public employee work time, buildings, equipment, supplies, unless used for conducting elections, issuing official voters' pamphlet. "Used for a political purpose" means: contributed to candidate, political committee, political party, initiative/referendum committee; spent supporting, opposing candidate, ballot measure, gathering signatures for proposed measure, petition; excludes lobbying an elected official. Mandates civil penalty, bars government from collecting money for entity that uses such money for "political purpose" or commingles it with "political" money. Other provisions.

Estimate of financial impact

This measure requires additional state government, schools, or local government spending of less than $100,000.

The measure does not affect the amount of funds collected for state government, schools, or local governments.