Measure 62

Argument in Opposition

An Oregon Teacher
Urges You to Vote No on 62

It Hurts Students
It Doesn't Belong In Oregon's Constitution

Measure 62 takes money away from schools. Measure 62 will amend the Constitution to cut $159 million from local schools budgets. This is money that Oregon voters decided should go to schools. It will come directly out of the classroom, and will lead to larger class sizes and fewer classroom materials.

Measure 62 will result in increased class size and lost programs. Our schools are just now recovering from a decade-long cutting of more than $1 billion. We should be investing in our schools so they can reduce class size and add back programs like art and music, not cutting more funding.

Now is not the time to cut funding from Oregon schools. In order for Oregon to be able to succeed, we need to do more to train our students for college and to enter the skilled workforce. Measure 62 will limit that ability, and it will have repercussions for years to come.

Measure 62 does not belong in Oregon's Constitution. Oregonians shouldn't let Kevin Mannix insert his priorities into our Constitution. If it makes its way into our Constitution, the problems and unintended consequences of Measure 62 would be difficult to change.

Please Vote No on Measure 62.
It Hurts Oregon Schools.
It Doesn't Belong in Oregon's Constitution.

Lisa Shogren
Liberty Elementary School Teacher
Albany, Oregon

(This information furnished by Larry Wolf, President, Oregon Education Association.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon PTA urges you to vote NO vote on Measure 62

Because our kids deserve better.

With more than 20,000 members, Oregon PTA is the largest network of parents in the state, working with educators to make sure that Oregon children get the best possible start in life. Because we fight on the front lines to protect the integrity of our public schools, we know what's at stake. That's why we oppose Measure 62.

Vote NO on 62 because Oregon's schools cannot absorb any more cuts.

If Measure 62 passes, Oregon schools will lose nearly $100 million a year. That money provides up-to-date textbooks, classroom supplies, and competitive teacher salaries. We cannot return to the days of shutting schools early or crowding kids together in the classrooms of poorly maintained buildings due to lack of funding.

Vote NO on 62 to keep Oregon's schools on track.

Oregon's schools are just starting to reverse years of budget shortages that have crippled schools. Oregon has been working hard to protect important school programs like music and P.E. Parents and teachers know that taking money away from schools is not the way to ensure quality education for Oregon's kids.

Vote NO on 62 to keep more money in the pockets of working families.

Oregonians know that less money in the budget means parents pay higher fees for athletics, art and music classes, and college prep. All Oregonians could end up paying more in hidden fees and taxes as the state becomes more desperate for school funds. As Oregon families struggle with higher energy and food prices, Measure 62 will only add to that burden. Oregon just can't afford that.

Oregon PTA asks you to join the thousands of concerned Oregon teachers and parents in voting NO on Measure 62.

For more information on Measure 62's impacts on Oregon's schools:

(This information furnished by Anita Olsen, Oregon PTA.)

Argument in Opposition

Jill Eiland, Intel Corporation; Hewlett-Packard and
Stand for Children Come Together

To Support Student Achievement

Vote NO on Measure 62

Measure 62 would jeopardize Oregon's progress in strengthening high school graduation requirements. These are the standards that prepare students for careers in today's global economy.

Now is not the time to divert money away from classrooms.

That's why we urge you to vote NO on Measure 62.

Measure 62 will undo important education achievements. Oregon's new high school graduation requirements emphasize English, math, science, and career-related courses – the skills our children need in today's competitive, global economy. With these new requirements just beginning to take effect, schools need stable and adequate funding to make sure more students have the tools to succeed.

Measure 62 endangers school funding & progress. Measure 62 would cut nearly $100 million of school funding every year. By moving forward with investments to strengthen Oregon's graduation requirements, the state is sending a clear signal that it is more important than ever for students to receive a world class education. Measure 62 threatens to roll back the important progress our schools have been making and endangers the success of these recent advancements.

Jill Eiland, Intel Corporation, Hewlett-Packard and Stand for Children have been long-time advocates for education excellence throughout Oregon. We have been leaders in the effort to strengthen and improve Oregon's graduation requirements to better prepare our children for the competitive workplace. Oregon students deserve our full support as they prepare for success in college, work, and citizenship. Please stand with us to oppose Measure 62.

Vote NO on Measure 62.

Jill Eiland, Intel Corporation

Hewlett-Packard Company.

Stand for Children

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

The Oregon Education Association
Urges You to Vote No on Measure 62
Because Our Schools Can't Afford Cuts

Measure 62 will cut $159 million from local school budgets. This measure will divert much needed funds away from our classrooms, money that supplies classrooms with learning tools, buys textbooks and pays teachers.

Measure 62 will increase class size and cut valuable programs in our public schools. We all want our kids to get the best education possible, but if measure 62 passes it will make it harder to provide students with the class sizes and programs they need to succeed.

Measure 62 takes money out of our classrooms and will end up costing us more down the road. Investing in education is the best way to make sure that our kids don't get involved in crime and caught up in the criminal justice system. We should be investing in our kids today so they don't slip through the cracks tomorrow.

Measure 62 doesn't solve Oregon's real problems. We should be looking at how to support our schools and public safety - not robbing from one pot to pay for another. Now is not the time to be cutting school budgets.

Join us in Voting No on Measure 62.

Larry Wolf, President
Oregon Education Association

(This information furnished by Larry Wolf, President, Oregon Education Association.)

Argument in Opposition


The Human Services Coalition of Oregon is asking for a NO vote on Constitutional Amendment 62 because it could take millions of dollars away from Oregon's schools and education programs.

And that's not fair to Oregon's children.

The Human Services Coalition of Oregon is a group of organizations and individuals dedicated to serving the best interests of Oregon's most vulnerable residents.

Measure 62 amends the constitution.
Oregon cannot afford a constitutional amendment that has the potential to take nearly $100 million a year away from our schools. All of our children deserve the best chance for success in school. But less funding will force kids into larger classes with less access to up-to-date educational materials as well as course offerings like art and music.

Measure 62 makes it harder on the kids who need the most.
When we take money away from schools, we make it harder on the lowest income children in the state. Less money for education means more kids falling through the cracks. And that has repercussions for every person in the state. Now is not the time to be cutting school funding.

Measure 62 will force working families to pay more.
When schools don't have adequate funding, parents are forced to make up the difference. School programs that should be available to every child in Oregon end up being available only to those who can afford it. That means fewer opportunities for lower income kids. That's not the kind of change Oregon needs. All children deserve the same chance for success.

Measure 62 just isn't good for Oregon's children. And it's not good for Oregon.


(This information furnished by John Mullin, Co-Chair, Human Services Coalition of Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition


The Oregon School Employees Association represents more than 21,000 employees working with Oregon students from pre-K to the university level.

Measure 62 will divert millions away from Oregonians' priorities.
Oregonians have voted to mandate where the state's lottery proceeds go—most of it goes to education to pay for things like smaller class sizes, text books, and getting the best teachers in our schools. Measure 62 would amend the Constitution to take money away from classrooms.

Measure 62 is a constitutional amendment that will take millions of dollars out of the State School Fund.
Less money for schools means students are stuffed into large classes, and have fewer opportunities to take art, music or physical education courses that are crucial to a well-rounded education. Measure 62 will reverse recent trends that have helped Oregon schools start getting kids into smaller classes and offering them more curriculum choices. Measure 62 takes away funding for these improvements.

Measure 62 would mean less of the best teachers in Oregon's schools.
Research shows that a great teacher in every classroom is key to children's success. But Measure 62 would take millions of dollars from Oregon schools, making it harder for our state to attract the best teachers with competitive salaries. That's not the kind of change Oregon schools can afford.

Measure 62 makes it tougher to prepare for college or a career.
This measure would take resources away from technical and vocational training in our schools, which is critical to ensuring that students graduate ready for college or a career. With our economy in trouble, now is not the time to take funding away from our schools.

Oregon deserves better.

We are urging all Oregonians to vote NO on Measure 62.

(This information furnished by Merlene Martin, President, Oregon School Employees Association.)

Argument in Opposition

Look closely. Measure 62 is not what it appears to be.

Sometimes things sound great at first, but turn out to be not so great once you take a closer look. Such is Ballot Measure 62 — it's not what it claims to be when you dig a little deeper.

We are Oregon AFSCME Council 75 (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), and our membership includes thousands of Oregon's public safety workers. But we oppose Measure 62. We share the concerns you'll see expressed here by others in opposition. In addition, we have two other big concerns:

Oregon AFSCME Council 75 is very much pro-public safety. Our statewide membership includes corrections officers, police officers, county sheriffs, 911 operators, both county and state parole and probation officers, public defenders and many others under the "public safety umbrella." We are public safety professionals, but we cannot support this flawed measure.

Vote NO! on Ballot Measure 62.

(This information furnished by Don Loving, Oregon AFSCME Council 75.)

Argument in Opposition

VOTE NO on Measure 62.

Because it's our responsibility to protect
Oregon's unique quality of life.

Because we want to leave behind a good legacy
for future Oregonians.

Because our families, our communities, and local wildlife all
depend on clean, healthy rivers to thrive.

Because Measure 62 will sacrifice dollars now allotted
to preserve Oregon's environment.

We urge Oregonians to vote NO on Measure 62.

Measure 62 takes needed resources away from natural
areas, parks, and fish and wildlife habitats.

Millions of dollars of lottery money help pay for state parks, boat ramps, fish ladders and salmon habitat restoration, and much more. But Measure 62 would amend the constitution to take money out of that fund. That's not the kind of change Oregon needs.

Measure 62 undercuts Oregonians' ability – and our
responsibility – to protect our unique natural legacy.

Oregon's economy depends on its healthy environment. Farmers, fishermen, businesses and local communities all need healthy rivers with clean water and strong fish populations in order to thrive.

But Measure 62 will reduce the funding available to conserve fish and wildlife habitats and maintain the natural areas that we all enjoy.

Protect Oregon's legacy for our children and grandchildren.


Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Natural Resources Council ACTION
Oregon Wild
Sierra Club
WaterWatch of Oregon

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition


Because Measure 62 takes money away
from where it's needed

We work on the frontlines with young offenders and witness the important role education plays in the positive development of Oregon's youth. Measure 62 will take millions of dollars out of Oregon's State School Fund.

We know that when children have access to a strong education, preparation for college and careers, and after-school programs and activities that keep them engaged, they are less likely to get into the type of trouble that leads to a life of crime. And the ability to get a good job will help keep them on the right track for life.

Measure 62 would take money away from schools and vital job programs at a time when it's critical for Oregon to prepare for the future.

Now is not the time to cut funding to these vital programs.

By pulling funds from schools and education, Measure 62 reduces our children's access to the tools they need to be successful. Eliminating avenues that keep our children engaged and taking away opportunities that offer them a bright future is not the way to address crime or keep our streets safe.

Vote No on Measure 62!

Ben McCanna, Frontline Worker
Oregon Youth Authority

(This information furnished by Arthur Towers, Political Director, SEIU Local 503.)

Argument in Opposition

Defend Oregon OPPOSES Measure 62
Because it amends the constitution to take money
from our schools

Here are just some of the groups from around the state who
OPPOSE Measure 62:

Adelante Mujeres
Advocacy Coalition of Seniors and People with Disabilities
American Federation of Teachers - Oregon
American Heart Association
Basic Rights Oregon
Community Action Partnership of Oregon
Community Alliance of Tenants
Community Health Charities of Oregon
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Elders in Action Commission
Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice
Human Services Coalition of Oregon
Multnomah County Democrats
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO
ONE Voice for Child Care
Oregon AFL-CIO
Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans
Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children
Oregon Education Association
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Natural Resource Council ACTION
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Opportunity Network
Oregon PTA
Oregon School Employees Association
Oregon Wild
PCUN • Pacific Green Party
Portland Jobs with Justice
PSU Chapter - American Association of University Professors
Representative Diane Rosenbaum
Rural Organizing Project
SEIU Local 49
SEIU Local 503
Senator Peter Courtney
Senator Richard Devlin
Senator Rod Monroe
Senator Suzanne Bonamici
Sierra Club
Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice
Stand for Children
Tax Fairness Oregon
WaterWatch of Oregon
Working Families Party of Oregon

For more information:

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)