Measure 62

Explanatory Statement

Article XV of the Oregon Constitution currently specifies and limits the purposes for which lottery funds may be used to "creating jobs, furthering economic development, financing public education in Oregon or restoring and protecting Oregon's parks, beaches, watersheds and critical fish and wildlife habitats."

At this time, the Constitution specifies that 18% of the net proceeds from the state lottery shall be deposited in an education stability fund. The Constitution specifies that 15% of the net proceeds from the state lottery shall be deposited in a parks and natural resources fund. The remaining 67% currently can be used only for job creation, education, and economic development. Currently more than 10% of net lottery proceeds is used for debt service on previous bond issues for these purposes.

This measure amends the Constitution to create a new public safety fund, which would receive 15% of lottery proceeds for the following law enforcement and related programs:

In the current, 2007-2009 budget, $1.387 billion in lottery funds were used to pay for:

If this measure had been in effect in 2007-2009, it would have required $201 million of lottery proceeds to go to the new public safety fund. Because the education stability fund and the parks and natural resources fund are specified percentages of the lottery proceeds, the $201 million for the public safety fund would have to come from job creation, education, and economic development.

This measure prohibits limitations on expenditures from this public safety fund and stipulates that the funds must be added to "any existing county funding." It does not define what "existing county funding" means.

Committee Members: Appointed by:
Duane Fletchall Chief Petitioners
Kevin Mannix Chief Petitioners
Steve Novick Secretary of State
Laurie Wimmer Whelan Secretary of State
Sam Hall Members of the Committee

(This committee was appointed to provide an impartial explanation of the ballot measure pursuant to ORS 251.215.)