Measure 59

Argument in Opposition

The League of Women Voters of Oregon urges you to vote "No" on Measure 59.

Measure 59 would make our tax system less fair by giving a huge tax break to the wealthiest Oregon taxpayers, and no tax break at all to more than 70% of us! The loss of tax revenue would put our communities at risk by forcing large cuts in the services we all depend on, like public safety, education, and health care.

Measure 59 would hurt vulnerable communities. Oregon's rural communities are already struggling to keep up with drastic funding cuts, with libraries closing, bridges going without needed repairs, schools without important programs, and sheriff offices with fewer deputies. Measure 59 would make those problems worse.

Measure 59 is simply poor public policy. As this measure depletes funding for Oregon schools and educational opportunities, the state would be the likely victim of brain drain, where the best and brightest leave the state in search of better opportunities. We need to ensure that our state offers the opportunities that keep our citizenry educated, engaged, and participating in their communities.

The League of Women Voters of Oregon opposes Measure 59. The League is a non-partisan political organization, which conducts research and studies issues, adopting positions based on member agreement. We believe in representative government and a fair tax system that provides its citizens with adequate education, healthcare, and public safety services. Measure 59 puts such services in jeopardy.

Please join the League of Women Voters of Oregon in voting "No" on Measure 59.

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

AARP Oregon urges a "NO" vote on Measure 59

Oregon seniors, families, and communities can't afford Measure 59.

The proponents of Measure 59 want you to believe that this measure provides tax breaks, but the fact is that more than three-quarters of Oregon taxpayers will save less than a dollar per year. But at the same time, funding will be slashed for services like public safety, education, health care, and home and community-based care.

Measure 59 will create far more problems than it solves.

Most seniors and their families will receive no benefit from Measure 59. The vast majority of Oregonians of all ages won't see any savings from this measure. Instead, most people will have to pay more out-of-pocket for fewer and fewer services, and likely lose access to an array of invaluable, cost-effective programs. For seniors and their family caregivers, this could mean the loss of Oregon Project Independence and other critical services that help older adults maintain independence, choice, and dignity in their homes and communities.

Measure 59 cuts $1.3 billion in revenue from the state budget over the next two years. And after those two years, the impact grows and grows as the measure reduces state revenues by $2.4 billion every two years thereafter.

That's money that will have to come from vital services: public safety, health care, transportation infrastructure, and education. These cuts will have an amplifying effect, making everything more expensive in the long run.

Measure 59 is a flawed formula that will hurt Oregon.

Let's make sure Oregon seniors, families,
and communities have the care and services
they need and deserve.

Join AARP Oregon in voting "NO" on Measure 59.

AARP Oregon
Gerald J Cohen, State Director

AARP Oregon
Ray Miao, State Volunteer

(This information furnished by Gerald J Cohen, AARP Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon Teachers Oppose Ballot Measure 59

Don't let Bill Sizemore do any more damage
to Oregon's schools

Measure 59 is another false promise from Bill Sizemore. If the measure passes, only the wealthiest Oregonians would benefit and parents will see their child's education suffer. It will do nothing to help average families who are already struggling.

Bill Sizemore, who wrote this measure, exploits Oregon's initiative system by getting wealthy, out-of-state, ultraconservative donors to pay him to file dozens of initiatives. He doesn't care how any of his measures affect the state, but then we all have to live with the unintended consequences.

Sizemore's organizations have been held liable for fraud, racketeering, and forgery, and his initiatives are currently under investigation by the Secretary of State for signature fraud. We shouldn't trust Sizemore's measures any more than we trust him.

Ballot Measure 59 will force deep cuts to Oregon schools.

Measure 59 would take $2.2 billion from the state's budget every two years. That kind of money could pay for tens of thousands of new teachers. If Measure 59 passes, it will mean that students around the state will not have the materials, the class sizes, and the instruction days they need to be successful in their education and in life.

Oregon's kids have had enough of Bill Sizemore.

Please Vote No on Ballot Measure 59

Karen Watters,
3rd Grade Teacher
Sutherlin Schools

Johanna Vaandering,
Elementary School P.E. Teacher
Beaverton Schools

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Vote NO on Measure 59

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Opposes
Ballot Measure 59

Oregon's churches and faith-based charities are committed to caring for our communities—to ensuring that Oregonians' basic physical, mental, and spiritual needs are being met. We are dedicated to ministry through service and to advocating for the well-being of all Oregonians.

Measure 59 is harmful to families and individual Oregonians because it will result in significant funding cuts to the services that we all depend on, like state roads, public safety, public education, health care, and many other services.

Measure 59 is unwise and unfair. It reduces badly-needed public services to provide a new tax break that benefits only the wealthiest. Please join us in voting NO on Measure 59.

Oregon Families, Seniors, and Children Will Bear the Burden of Measure 59

Measure 59 will require billions in cuts to important services. This will place a greater burden on churches and faith-based charities to care for society's most needy. We cannot replace $2.4 billion worth of services alone, without the partnership of the state and others.

Join with faith leaders in voting
NO on Ballot Measure 59.

For more information on EMO's positions
on all ten ballot measures, go to

(This information furnished by Kevin Finney, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon PTA urges a NO vote on Measure 59

Our kids deserve better than false promises

Oregon PTA has members in every corner of Oregon and we have been on the front lines fighting to protect our public schools. That's why we oppose Measure 59.

Measure 59 will harm schools across the state.
This measure would result in significant cuts to the state budget, most of which will come directly out of Oregon classrooms. That means shorter school years, larger class sizes, overcrowded schools, and cuts to important programs.

Measure 59 is too far-reaching and is filled with unintended consequences.
If Measure 59 passes, revenue will be reduced by billions each budget cycle. Oregon's school districts are just beginning to recover from years of budget cuts, and can't absorb such a large reduction in funding.

75 percent of Oregon taxpayers will save less than a dollar, but will pay more in fees and new taxes. The vast majority of Oregon families won't save any money under Measure 59, but they'll end up paying more and more for fewer and fewer services.

This means we will be paying more fees for basic education programs. Families will have to pay higher fees for athletics, art and music classes, and college prep. This is unfair to the students, families, and communities that will be hardest hit.

Our kids deserve better. Vote NO on Measure 59.

Oregon PTA says please vote NO on Measure 59.

For more details on Measure 59 impacts
to K-12 education:

(This information furnished by Anita Olsen, Oregon PTA.)

Argument in Opposition

The Oregon Consumer League Urges a
NO Vote on Measure 59

Measure 59 is False Advertising. The proponents of Measure 59 would like you to believe that this measure is a tax cut – the fact is, more than 75 percent of Oregon taxpayers will see less than a dollar in savings per year. 1.3 million Oregonians will get nothing.

Measure 59 is a Terrible Deal for Oregonians. Here's what average Oregonians will get in exchange for their less than $1 per year in savings:

Measure 59 is a Bill of Goods. Measure 59 will lead to even shorter school years, more overcrowded classrooms, fewer teachers and school supplies, fewer firefighters and equipment, fewer libraries, and the list goes on. Areas of the state – especially rural Oregon – that are already struggling to survive will be the hardest hit.

Measure 59 Doesn't Solve Oregon's Problems. One of the biggest problems Oregon's budget has is the influence of special interest lobbyists. This measure does nothing to address that problem, and Measure 59 will do nothing to hold state government more accountable.

Measure 59 doesn't solve anything.
Measure 59 will end up costing us more.
Measure 59 will mean deep cuts to education,
public safety, and health care.
Vote NO on Measure 59 – It's a Bad Deal for Oregon.

Oregon Consumer League

(This information furnished by Jim Davis, Oregon Consumer League.)

Argument in Opposition

Measure 59 Threatens Vital Health Care Programs

Join the Oregon Nurses Association in
Voting "NO" on Measure 59

Measure 59 will significantly reduce money for health care

Under Measure 59, three-quarters of Oregonians will save less than a dollar per year, but we'll all be paying much more in new hidden costs and cuts to services we all depend on.

Measure 59 will cause deep cuts to the Oregon Health Plan, which will lead to many more Oregonians being denied essential health coverage. There are already nearly 600,000 uninsured Oregonians — including more than 100,000 children — and Measure 59 will cause that number to increase. When those without insurance need health care, they will turn to emergency rooms and then hospitals will pass the costs on to all of us.

Measure 59 threatens programs Oregonians depend on

Measure 59 will cause cutbacks in programs that protect abused and neglected kids, as well as programs that ensure a high standard of care in nursing homes. It will cut funding for health care, children's programs and senior services. We cannot jeopardize the health of our most vulnerable citizens.

Oregon citizens can't afford Measure 59's unintended consequences

As nurses and health care professionals, our job is to focus on providing medical care to those who need it. But Measure 59 hurts our ability to do that job by threatening our health care facilities, our ability to provide needed services and our jobs. Our patients deserve the best care from us. Please help us to continue to provide it by voting NO on Measure 59.

Measure 59 Will Have Serious and Harmful Unintended
Consequences for Every Oregon Family.

Oregon's Nurses Ask You to Vote "NO" on Measure 59

(This information furnished by Jack Dempsey, Oregon Nurses Association.)

Argument in Opposition

Racketeer Bill Sizemore is Up to His Same Old Tricks

Oregon Education Association
Urges You to Vote NO on Measure 59

What you should know about Racketeer Bill Sizemore, the author of Measure 59:

A jury found that Sizemore's organizations engaged in fraud, racketeering, and forgery in order to get on the ballot, and his operations have been caught multiple times committing outright forgery. In one case, a man signed a legal document saying he was in jail on a day he was allegedly "collecting" signatures.

Sizemore's initiatives—including Measure 59—are currently being investigated by the Secretary of State for signature fraud.

Sizemore makes money by exploiting the initiative system. He gets wealthy, out-of-state, right-wing donors to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars to file dozens of initiatives. He doesn't care what happens to the state, as long as he gets paid.

Sizemore's only mission is to attack working class Oregonians, like teachers, nurses, fire fighters, and police officers, by forcing cuts in critical services like education, health care, and public safety. Measure 59 would cut billions from these vital programs, and would do nothing to help working Oregonians.

We shouldn't leave the fate of Oregon in the hands of a racketeer.

Our schools, students, and communities cannot afford more of Sizemore's attacks.

Please join 48,000 teachers and education
professionals in voting "No" on Ballot Measure 59

Larry Wolf, President
Oregon Education Association

(This information furnished by Larry Wolf, President, Oregon Education Association.)

Argument in Opposition

Vote NO on Measure 59

The Human Services Coalition of Oregon
Opposes Measure 59

The Human Services Coalition of Oregon represents dozens of social service providers, hospitals, health associations, and individuals who work on the frontlines for Oregon's elderly, vulnerable, and medically fragile residents. Many of our members work in partnership with the state and the private sector on a shoestring budget. They do it because they are committed to helping people in need.

Cutting Revenue, Gutting Needed Services
Children, Seniors and Vulnerable Citizens Can't Afford Measure 59

Measure 59 would significantly reduce funding that pays for state police, education, public safety, and health care. These budget cuts unfairly punish low-income Oregonians.

Measure 59 will only benefit the wealthy, and it does nothing to help average Oregonians – but we will all have to deal with its unintended consequences.

Measure 59 would:

Measure 59 goes too far

We ask voters to take a close look at Measure 59. It would not help most taxpayers, but it would definitely harm a vast number of Oregonians. We all must depend on each other to care for Oregon.

Join HSCO in opposing Measure 59

Vote NO on 59

For More Information Log On To:

(This information furnished by John Mullin, Co-Chair, Human Services Coalition of Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Re-runs: Bad for TV, bad for Ballot Measures

Most of us don't like re-runs. Our TV viewing patterns prove it.

Ballot Measure 59 is a re-run — a Bill Sizemore re-run of Measure 41 from 2006. Measure 41 was defeated 63 percent to 37 percent. When network TV has a program with numbers that bad, the show doesn't make it to re-runs. Unfortunately for us, Mr. Sizemore makes his living by simply getting measures on the ballot, so for him, any re-run is a good re-run. Unlike the networks, he's not concerned about ratings.

The reasons to vote against Measure 59 haven't changed in the past two years. When Oregonians understand the impact on services Measure 59 would have, we are confident you'll reject the idea — again! — just as 63 percent of us did only two years ago on Measure 41.

Why? Because like the system or not, the reality is that our Oregon income tax money goes into the state's General Fund. And the General Fund is the fund that pays for our state's most popular programs: public safety, health care, services to our senior citizens and social services for less fortunate Oregonians.

Should Measure 59 pass, the General Fund would lose millions and millions of dollars. There's no magic wand to wave that will fix that — the result would be cuts to public safety, cuts to health care and cuts to senior services. Those aren't scare tactics, those are cold, hard facts.

We are Oregon AFSCME Council 75 (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), and our members proudly deliver public safety, health care and senior and social services throughout the state. Join us in rejecting this tired re-run.

Vote NO! on Ballot Measure 59.

(This information furnished by Don Loving, Oregon AFSCME Council 75.)

Argument in Opposition

Dear Oregon Voter,

My name is Pete Sorenson and I am an elected Lane County Commissioner. I write to you to oppose Ballot Measure 59.


Back in 2000, Oregon voters struck down Ballot Measure 91, which stated "Amends Constitution: Makes Federal Income Taxes Fully Deductible on Oregon Tax Returns." The "No" votes outnumbered the "Yes" by a margin of over 150,000 votes. Chief Petitioner Bill Sizemore has now given us a copycat of 91. We need to send the message to Mr. Sizemore that No Means No. We have already voted on this issue and the citizens have made their message clear.


This measure is designed to siphon money away from our education and social services and create more wealth for the richest 1% of our state. This measure, if passed, will reduce the state budget by almost $1.2 billion by the year 2011, and by $2.2 billion by the year 2013. Reduction of the state budget means less money for schools, roads, parks, health care, and many other state-run services. If we pass this, there will be significantly less money for our children and our grand-children.


Oregonians, the Chief Petitioner of this initiative has been found guilty of racketeering. I am not only terrified of the repercussions that this measure will have on my home of Lane County, but of the future of my family. As a former State Senator and current Lane County Commissioner, I swore an oath to protect the citizens from special interests and corruption. If passed, this measure will hurt us, but, most importantly, it will hurt our children.


Please feel free to contact me at or for my recommendations on the other ballot measures.


Pete Sorenson
Lane County Commissioner
Eugene, OR

(This information furnished by Pete Sorenson, Pete Sorenson Committee.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon State Police Officers' Association
Says No to Measure 59

Keep Oregon Roads Safe and Secure

For years now, the Oregon State Police has been so underfunded that we have gone from nearly 700 patrol troopers to less than 300 patrol troopers, resulting in the lack of 24/7 coverage anywhere in Oregon. That left Oregon's highways vulnerable to deadly crashes and gave free rein to drug traffickers.

Measure 59 will cut funds to OSP, once again putting Oregon at risk.

The more eyes and ears we have on the highways, the more drug traffickers we can track down and put behind bars before they deliver their meth to Oregon neighborhoods.

We've all seen the devastation meth wreaks on communities, and the enormous costs that come with it, like the destruction of families and lives, and the creation of toxic hazards.

Measure 59 will make it harder for us to stop dealers before they show up in your community.

The Legislature has just begun to invest in rebuilding the OSP patrol trooper numbers, but Measure 59 would stop that effort in its tracks and undo the important progress we've made.

Measure 59 will mean:

Measure 59 is a recipe for disaster.

Let's keep Oregon safe and moving.

Join Oregon Troopers and Vote No on Measure 59.

Oregon State Police Officers' Association

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

School Board Members Say NO to Measure 59

Measure 59 is filled with unintended consequences that will harm Oregon schools. Measure 59 will significantly reduce funds for vital services like state police, public safety, healthcare, and education.

As school board members serving the diverse communities of Oregon, including communities struggling to survive, we have seen the painful results of budget cuts. Whether you go to school in Pendleton or Portland, Oregon's kids can't afford more cuts.

Measure 59 cuts billions from schools and other essential services. It cuts $1.3 billion from the 2009-2011 budget and $2.4 billion from the 2011-2013 budget. And the state also risks losing federal funds from matching grants. In some cases, that would total $2 lost for every $1 of state funds lost.

We've finally begun to see improved investments that will lead to better results and higher performing schools in the coming years. But Measure 59 would reverse that, significantly cutting important investments made in Oregon education.

Oregon students deserve better than Measure 59. Measure 59 will lead to shorter school years, overcrowded classrooms and fewer teachers, placing us near the bottom of the list in education quality. Our kids deserve better.

Measure 59 won't solve Oregon's problems. 90% of the state budget goes to fund education, healthcare and public safety. Cutting services to kids and seniors isn't the way to force government to become more accountable.

Oregon Kids Need Your Support
Join Us in Voting No on Measure 59

Oregon School Boards Association
Craig Prewitt, OSBA President and Member, Phoenix-Talent School Board
Annette Mattson, OSBA President-Elect and Member, David Douglas School Board
Beth Gerot, OSBA Vice President and Member, Eugene School Board
Scott B. Pillar, OSBA Secretary-Treasurer and Board Chairman, High Desert ESD
Jeff Sanders, OSBA Past-President and Member, Jefferson 509J School Board

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

The Oregon School Employees Association
Urges Oregon Voters to

VOTE NO on MEASURE 59 - Leave Our Schools Alone!

OSEA represents more than 21,000 educational employees working in schools all over Oregon. OSEA members are school secretaries, library assistants, custodians, school bus drivers, food service workers, nurses, teachers, and many others. We work with Oregon's students every day and we are asking you to Vote No on Measure 59.

Measure 59 Adversely Affects Oregon's Students

If passed, Measure 59 would cut millions of dollars currently available to Oregon's education system, depriving our students of the educational tools they need to help them grow to be successful adults.

These cuts would force schools to increase class size, and reduce the number of teachers and educational assistants, as well as school activities requiring transportation. Schools would be forced to choose between clean, safe buildings and educational programs. More school nurses, librarians and counselors could be let go.

Measure 59 would cut education resources that are already stretched too thin. It is a short-sighted initiative that would hurt the students who are Oregon's future!

Measure 59 Adversely Affects Oregon Families

In addition to education cuts, Measure 59 could take away much-needed state revenue dollars currently funding local services upon which Oregon families rely. If these budgets are cut, there will be more pressure to raise local taxes to replace lost revenue.

Worse, Measure 59 is a false promise. It would do nothing to help three-quarters of Oregon families.

Don't Be Fooled Into Hurting Our Schools -
Vote NO on Measure 59!

(This information furnished by Merlene Martin, President, Oregon School Employees Association.)

Argument in Opposition

Measure 59 will hurt Oregon's children and families

We can't risk the health and safety of
Oregon's vulnerable children

As a child welfare worker, I see on a daily basis how children's lives are devastated by abuse, neglect, drug addiction, mental health issues, and poverty. These children are placed in terrible situations through no fault of their own, but they're the ones who pay the price.

Measure 59 would cut funding to the programs these children need most. I'm honored to be on the frontlines helping to add stability and safety to these kids' lives. But Measure 59 would place these vulnerable children at risk by cutting critical services that can help them reunite with their families.

Cutting critical services that vulnerable families and abused children depend on won't make government more accountable.

Three quarters of Oregon taxpayers will see less than a dollar in savings from this measure. Most will see none. But it will significantly reduce funding for state police, education, public safety, and health care. We shouldn't punish low-income families, students, and seniors on a fixed income, who will be hardest hit by these cuts.

We Urge A 'NO' Vote on Measure 59.

There are over 40,000 SEIU members in Oregon – frontline workers – who help deliver the vital public services we all count on every day. We've looked closely at Measure 59 and we urge you to oppose this complicated and confusing ballot measure.

My job is to protect abused and neglected kids. These kids cannot afford Measure 59.

Sarah Cochran,
Child Welfare Worker
SEIU Local 503

(This information furnished by Arthur Towers, Political Director, SEIU Local 503.)

Argument in Opposition

Stand for Children Urges a No Vote on Measure 59

Support Oregon School Children!

Stand for Children is an independent, statewide, grassroots organization that brings together people from all walks of life – parents, grandparents, people who work with children, and others who care about the next generation – to make children and their schools a top priority.

Measure 59 will cause lasting harm to schools.
This confusing and complicated change to the tax code would cut $2.4 billion from the state's budget every two years. For school districts around the state, this is equal to:

Measure 59 damages our ability to educate Oregon's children.
Every child in Oregon should have an equal opportunity to succeed. In order to achieve that goal, we need to strengthen our public schools – not cut funding, which will result in larger class sizes, less effective teachers, and fewer instructional days.

Measure 59 punishes schools and kids.
Measure 59 results in deep cuts to education and other services Oregonians and their children need to thrive. Oregon schools are doing a good job – test scores are rising and schools are spending taxpayer dollars wisely. Measure 59 would impact our students' ability to compete with students educated in states and countries that invest far more in education.

Let's make sure Oregon's students have
what they need to succeed.

Join Stand for Children in Voting No on Measure 59

(This information furnished by Jonah Edelman, Stand for Children.)

Argument in Opposition

Please Don't Make Things Harder For Oregon's Seniors

Vote NO on Measure 59

Measure 59 would slash funding for the services we depend on most. Like all Oregonians, we depend on services like public safety and healthcare, and we know that the communities we're part of depend on safe, vibrant, successful schools. Measure 59 would take away more than a billion dollars per year from those vital services.

Much of that money would come directly from services that help Oregon's senior citizens lead full, independent lives. Such a deep budget cut would result in less money for things like medication, healthcare, and independent living programs.

Measure 59 would mean higher fees.

Most Oregonians—especially senior citizens—won't see any savings from Measure 59. But we will be stuck with the added costs that the state will have to impose to keep these services available. That's money that will have to come directly out of our pockets.

Many of Oregon's senior citizens live on a fixed income. The more we have to pay for prescription medication, for instance, the less money we have to pay for things like food. Measure 59 will force seniors to have to make more impossible choices just like this.

Measure 59 will have the biggest impact on the most vulnerable Oregonians. It won't make government more accountable, but it will punish Oregon's senior citizens.

We're Voting No on Measure 59.
Please Join Us.
United Seniors of Oregon

(This information furnished by Jim Davis, United Seniors of Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Measure 59 Will Have a Negative Impact
on Oregon's Health

Keep Oregon Safe and Healthy—Vote NO on Measure 59

Just a few years ago, Oregon was forced to make some wrenching budget decisions that resulted in drastic cuts to healthcare. Many Oregonians—especially children and senior citizens—were hurt when thousands of people were dropped off of the Oregon Health Plan. For many, this meant losing access to lifesaving medical care.

Measure 59 would force many more deep cuts to the services like healthcare and public safety, putting all Oregonians at risk.

Measure 59 Will Force Cuts to Vital Public Services

Most of the $1.3 billion in budget cuts from Measure 59 would come directly out of vital services like healthcare, education, and public safety. These cuts will have the biggest impact on working families, children, senior citizens, students, and people with disabilities.

Measure 59 Will Cost Us More

Already, more than 600,000 people—including nearly 120,000 children—are uninsured. If Measure 59 passes, more Oregonians will be forced to seek care in emergency rooms, driving up costs for everyone. Worse, thousands of Oregon families will go without preventive check-ups and lifesaving medicines because they can't afford a visit to the doctor or the cost of their prescription drugs. And we'll all pay for the increased fees and hidden costs for uninsured health care.

Measure 59 Will Hurt Rural Clinics and Hospitals

As more Oregonians are forced to go without healthcare, rural clinics and hospitals will bear the burden through increased costs. We already have a nursing shortage in rural Oregon, and Measure 59 will push many of the healthcare providers to the breaking point.

Join these Healthcare and Human Service Advocates
in Opposing Measure 59

American Heart Association

American Lung Association of Oregon

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon's University Presidents
ask you to join them in voting
NO on Measure 59

Oregon's universities have served the state well by creating family wage jobs and economic growth in every county of the state. Most importantly, Oregon's universities create unimagined possibilities for our graduates who go on to participate productively in every economic sector – from high tech to agriculture.

Measure 59 will put the brakes on the contributions our universities make to our economy, hurting us all.

Measure 59 will reduce opportunities for young Oregonians. A college education is key to succeeding in today's economy, preparing students for careers with living wage incomes. Measure 59 would put college out of reach of many Oregonians.

Measure 59's impact extends beyond those students, however. Without an educated workforce, Oregon will have difficulty succeeding in the global economy, and our state will be left behind.

Please join us in voting NO on Measure 59.

Dave Frohnmayer
President, University of Oregon*

Edward J. Ray
President, Oregon State University*

Wim Wiewel
President, Portland State University*

*Titles used for identification purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of or opposition to the measure by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education or Institutions of the Oregon University System

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon's Health Care System Can't Afford More Cuts
Join Oregonians for Health Security in
Voting NO on Measure 59

The high cost of health care impacts all of us: businesses, families and government budgets. The rising cost of maintaining even the most basic insurance plan is leaving many Oregonians without any choices, and many families are just one illness away from financial ruin.

Measure 59 puts families at greater risk of being denied needed health care. The deep budget cuts in Measure 59 will lead to more families, seniors, and children being denied vital health care services that are already scarce enough. Prior budget cuts already led to over 85,000 Oregonians joining the ranks of the uninsured. Oregon can't afford more cuts to life-saving health care services, such as home care and Project Independence, which help seniors stay in their homes with dignity.

Measure 59 will cost every Oregonian. This measure really only benefits the wealthiest people. More than three-quarters of Oregon taxpayers will see less than a dollar in savings from this measure. Yet those same working families will be hardest hit by the budget cuts this measure will cause. The average family health insurance premium is now over $12,000 per year! Coupled with the rising costs of food and gas, Oregon families can't afford to be squeezed any more.

Measure 59 doesn't address any of Oregon's pressing problems. To make sure that all Oregonians have access to affordable health care, Oregon's health care system needs stable funding. Measure 59 will lead to more Oregon families and businesses being unable to afford health care.

Oregon families and small businesses need access to quality, affordable and secure health care, not more of Bill Sizemore's tax schemes.

Let's work together for a healthy Oregon.
Please join Oregonians for Health Security in a
resounding NO vote on Measure 59.

(This information furnished by Maribeth Healey, Oregonians for Health Security.)

Argument in Opposition

Governor Kulongoski Urges a No Vote on Measure 59
Oregon Can't Afford Reductions in State Resources
for Schools, Human Services and Public Safety

We have worked too hard over the last several years to get Oregonians back to work and to begin reinvesting in our schools, health care and public safety to allow Measure 59 to reverse our progress.

Oregonians have learned the hard way how difficult it is to dismantle a state budget, when 90% of that budget goes to schools, public safety, senior services and health care. In the past, we have had to make painful cuts to those essential services, when our economy tightened and state revenues tumbled.

We need to invest in schools and other basic services for our economy to grow and for our state to continue moving forward. Measure 59 will reduce funding for those services by more than $1 billion dollars. And it only gets worse in the years ahead.

Measure 59 will force us to choose between larger classes or shorter school years. Health care for children will compete with state police on our highways and prison space for convicted felons. Project Independence and in-home care for seniors will be at odds with the Oregon Health Plan for low-income working families.

Measure 59 is not the answer to the problems with our tax system. It is the wrong solution at the wrong time. We should be focusing our attention on fixing the inequities in our tax system – not making them worse.

Oregonians deserve services that provide opportunities for our children, security for our families and a healthy business climate for our economy.

Don't let Measure 59 close the door on a better Oregon.

Please join me in voting No on Measure 59.

Ted Kulongoski

(This information furnished by Governor Ted Kulongoski.)

Argument in Opposition


Children First for Oregon works to make Oregon a place where children are healthy, safe and secure. Measure 59 will cut services that working families depend on—and Oregon children will pay the price.

Measure 59 Leaves Oregon's Children Unprotected.
Did you know that more than 16 percent of Oregon children live in poverty? Or that more than 100,000 children in this state don't have health insurance? Or that more than 12,000 children suffered abuse or neglect last year? Oregon needs to protect its children, but Measure 59 will only make these problems worse by eliminating the services that vulnerable children need most.

Measure 59 Cuts Billions from Vital Services.
When the budgets for child welfare, health, public safety and education are cut, children will be hurt the most. Oregon's children need safe homes and neighborhoods, good schools, and access to health care. Measure 59 will limit Oregon's ability to make sure its children's needs are being met.

Measure 59 is a Tax on Working Families
Three quarters of Oregon taxpayers won't save anything under Measure 59; only the richest will receive a windfall. Meanwhile, working families will pay more in hidden fees and new taxes to pay for vital services for children. The rising price of gas and food is already squeezing Oregon families. Measure 59 only makes things worse.

Oregon's children and families
deserve better than Measure 59.
Join us in protecting Oregon's most
vital asset: its children.

Vote NO on Measure 59.

Robin Christian, Executive Director
Children First for Oregon

(This information furnished by Robin Christian, Children First for Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon's Students Need Your Support

Vote No on Ballot Measure 59

Ballot Measure 59 provides NO financial relief for 75 percent of Oregonians, and takes money away from Oregon's schools and the quality education that all students deserve. It would divert money that goes to smaller class sizes, quality text books, teacher training and resources, and vital educational programs.

Measure 59 is a bad deal for the majority of Oregon families. When public funding is cut, working families pay more out-of-pocket in increased fees and hidden costs for the same or fewer services. Oregonians would pay one way or another.

Now is the time to be investing in our children's future, not taking money out of their classrooms.

Measure 59 creates the wrong kind of legacy for Oregon's future. With countries like India and China graduating more engineering and science students than the U.S. every year, we need to ensure that our students are able to compete in the world economy. By severely cutting funding for K-12 schools, community colleges and universities, Measure 59 harms our ability to give students the kind of solid education and training they need to succeed in the new world economy.

Please join the 12,500 members of the
American Federation of Teachers-Oregon in
Voting NO on Ballot Measure 59.

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(This information furnished by Mark Schwebke, President, American Federation of Teachers- Oregon.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon Food Bank Urges You to Vote NO on Measure 59

'How am I going to make it? How am I going to eat all
month? How can I pay my light bill? Am I going to get
kicked out because I cannot pay my rent?'

These are the concerns of thousands of Oregonians who turn to the Oregon Food Bank Network for help.

Measure 59 will cut vital services to children and families.
Many of the families who experience hunger and poverty are the same families who are in need of essential services our state provides.

Measure 59 would cut the state budget by $1.3 billion in the next biennium and $2.4 billion in 2011 – 2013. About 90% of Oregon's general fund goes to support human services, health care, schools and public safety. These budget cuts would severely limit the ability of the state to provide vital services which serve the poor and the hungry.

Measure 59 hurts working Oregonians.
Making Oregon's deduction unlimited does not benefit the average working Oregonian: the average tax cut for the middle 20 percent of wage earners would be $2, the tax cut for the lowest 20 percent would be $0.

Measure 59 is a step in the wrong direction.
Oregon has made great strides in reducing its hunger rate from one of the highest in the nation. Measure 59 would threaten the gains we have made by cutting programs and increasing costs.

Oregon Food Bank sees the faces behind these programs and dollars.

Today in Oregon, one in five children live in a food-insecure home. Over 70 percent of adults who receive emergency food boxes are working, retired or disabled. Where will these children and families go if they cannot access the services they need from the state?

Join Oregon Food Bank in moving the state forward and vote
NO on Measure 59.

Phil Kalberer, Board Chair
Oregon Food Bank Board of Directors

(This information furnished by Philip A. Kalberer, Chair, Oregon Food Bank Board of Directors.)

Argument in Opposition

Jesus said: "…why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax." They brought him a denarius, and he asked them, "Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?" "Caesar's," they replied. Then he said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's." - Matthew 22:18-21

Jesus said: "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. -- "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money." - Matthew 6: 19-21

Jesus said: "For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.' "They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?' - "He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'
- Matthew 25:42-45

Measure 59 takes 1.3 Billion from programs that educate our children, heal the sick, and care for the vulnerable, while overwhelmingly benefitting the wealthy. The cost will grow to 2.4 Billion. Oregon's children and the vulnerable amongst us cannot afford to pay this price. The Oregon Center for Christian Values urges you to Vote NO!

(This information furnished by Shoshon Tama-Sweet, Oregon Center for Christian Values.)

Argument in Opposition

Oregon Businesses Urge you to

Vote NO on Measure 59

Measure 59 will harm Oregon's future. At a time when Oregon needs to make strategic investments in education, transportation, infrastructure and health care, Measure 59 will take billions of dollars away from these critical services.

Measure 59 will force damaging cuts that could hurt our state's educational system. Oregon businesses depend on a strong educational system, from the early childhood levels through the community college and university system. Oregon has been making strategic investments in K-12 education, including increasing the state's high school graduation requirements and investing more money into Head Start. We cannot afford to disinvest in our children at a time when they need to be better prepared to compete in today's global economy.

Measure 59 will impact Oregon's economy. In communities across Oregon, the need for increased transportation and infrastructure investment is obvious. A vital economy requires strong investment in infrastructure for traffic and freight mobility. Measure 59 could jeopardize funds on which Oregon's economy depends.

Measure 59 will jeopardize health insurance coverage for Oregon's most vulnerable citizens. Not only is this the wrong thing to do to our most vulnerable citizens, the costs for covering the newly uninsured will be shifted to businesses and consumers. When the uninsured require health care, they often end up going to the emergency room – the least efficient and most expensive health care available. Every time an uninsured person has to go to the emergency room for care, we all end up paying for it.

Let's continue to invest in Oregon and our bright future.

Please join us in voting NO.

Ryan Deckert
Oregon Business Association
Duncan Wyse
Oregon Business Council
Jill Eiland
Intel Corporation
Marcy Eastham
Hewlett-Packard Company
Julia Brim-Edwards
Oregon Business Association Board
Nike, Inc.
Peter Bragdon
Vice President and General Counsel
Columbia Sportswear Company

(This information furnished by Ryan Deckert, Oregon Business Association.)

Argument in Opposition

Associated Oregon Industries Opposes Measure 59

Measure 59 has several unintended consequences that will hurt the ability of Oregon companies to compete in the national and global marketplace.

For starters, Measure 59 will reduce the state budget by an astounding $2.4 billion every biennium. It will significantly reduce the amount of money that's spent on education, public safety, and health care. These budget cuts will adversely affect every Oregon business that depends on an educated workforce, a reliable court system, adequate public health services, and strong public safety.

Measure 59 will cripple Oregon's ability to compete for high-paying industries. With Measure 59, Oregon companies will struggle to create high-paying careers. If Oregon business is to compete in the global economy, we need a strong, well-educated workforce and schools that create innovators. The education budget cuts required by Measure 59 will deal a major blow to Oregon's ability to compete in just a few short years. Oregon simply won't be able to provide the workforce, and the job opportunities will move elsewhere.

Measure 59 will require increased taxes on individuals and small businesses. Because core public services will lose their funding as a result of Measure 59, the state will be forced to raise taxes and fees in other areas. We are most concerned that any tax increase that results from Measure 59 will target middle-class families and small businesses—precisely those that are already shouldering a heavy tax burden. This will squeeze Oregon families and businesses that are already overburdened. Instead of putting money into the economy and creating more jobs, they'll be paying more just to maintain basic services.

Associated Oregon Industries (AOI) urges a "NO" vote on Measure 59.

(This information furnished by James L. Wilson, Associated Oregon Industries.)

Argument in Opposition

Defend Oregon OPPOSES Measure 59
Because it does nothing to help Oregon families
and is filled with harmful unintended consequences

Here are just some of the groups from around the state who
OPPOSE Measure 59:

AARP Oregon
Advocacy Coalition of Seniors and People with Disabilities
American Federation of Teachers – Oregon
American Heart Association
American Lung Association of Oregon
Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
Basic Rights Oregon
Children First for Oregon
Community Action Partnership of Oregon
Community Alliance of Tenants
Community Health Charities of Oregon
Community Providers Association of Oregon
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Elders in Action Commission
Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice
Federation of Oregon Parole and Probation Officers
Ted Kulongoski Governor
Human Services Coalition of Oregon
League of Women Voters of Oregon
Multnomah County Democrats
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon • NAMI Oregon
Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO
ONE Voice for Child Care
Oregon AFL-CIO • Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Oregon Alliance of Retired Americans
Oregon Business Association • Oregon Business Council
Oregon Consumer League
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon Education Association
Oregon Health Action Campaign
Oregon Health Care Association
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Natural Resources Council ACTION
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Opportunity Network • Oregon PTA
Oregon School-Based Health Care Network
Oregon School Boards Association
Oregon School Employees Association
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Oregon State Police Officers' Association
Parkinson's Resources of Oregon
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon
Portland Jobs with Justice
Representative Diane Rosenbaum
Rural Organizing Project
Save Oregon Seniors
SEIU Local 49 • SEIU Local 503
Senator Mark Hass • Senator Peter Courtney
Senator Richard Devlin
Senator Rod Monroe • Senator Suzanne Bonamici
Stand for Children
Tax Fairness Oregon • United Seniors of Oregon
United Way of Mid-Willamette Valley

For more information:

(This information furnished by Jessica Stevens, Defend Oregon.)