Measure 55

House Joint Resolution 31-Referred to the Electorate of Oregon by the 2007 Legislative Assembly to be voted on at the General Election, November 4, 2008.

Ballot Title

Amends Constitution: Changes operative date of redistricting plans; allows affected legislators to finish term in original district.

Result of "yes" vote

"Yes" vote changes date when new redistricting plans become law, which allows affected state Representatives and Senators to represent their districts for a full term.

Result of "no" vote

"No" vote retains current law permitting state legislator to be reassigned to another district when redistricting plan results in multiple legislators living in one district.


Amends Oregon Constitution. Reapportionment, commonly called "redistricting" in Oregon, changes the lines of Oregon's state Representative and state Senator districts every 10 years, based on results of the U.S. census. The next census is scheduled for 2010, with redistricting to be done in 2011. Currently, when a redistricting plan takes effect, and more than one Representative or Senator resides in the new district, one of the Representatives or Senators is assigned, temporarily, to another district. For example, in 2001 a Eugene Representative was assigned to represent a district in central Oregon. This measure would allow Representatives and Senators to continue to represent the districts from which they were elected for their full terms, with the new redistricting going into effect after the next general election.

Estimate of financial impact

There is no direct financial effect on state or local government expenditures or revenue.