Measure 54

Legislative Argument in Support

Ballot Measure 54 guarantees all eligible Oregonians the right to cast their vote in local school board elections.

Currently, the Oregon Constitution prohibits registered voters under the age of 21 from casting a vote and participating in local school board elections. While voters between the ages of 18-20 are qualified to vote in presidential and other statewide sanctioned elections, they are precluded from voting for their local school board representatives.

The prohibition as it currently exists causes unequal treatment. We feel this is wrong and strongly believe that registered voters should be given the opportunity to participate in all local, state, and federal elections.

In 2007, the Oregon Legislature worked to pass bipartisan legislation that refers this matter to Oregonians. In order to amend the Constitution and give all registered voters in Oregon the ability to participate in local school board elections, a vote of the people is required.

A YES vote amends the Constitution and guarantees that all Oregonians who are registered to vote in Oregon are able to participate in all federal, state, and local elections, including school board elections.

We strongly urge you to vote YES for Ballot Measure 54.

Committee Members: Appointed by:
Senator Ted Ferrioli President of the Senate
Representative Vicki Berger Speaker of the House
Representative Diane Rosenbaum Speaker of the House

(This Joint Legislative Committee was appointed to provide the legislative argument in support of the ballot measure pursuant to ORS 251.245.)