Measure 54

House Joint Resolution 4-Referred to the Electorate of Oregon by the 2007 Legislative Assembly to be voted on at the General Election, November 4, 2008.

Ballot Title

Amends Constitution: Standardizes voting eligibility for school board elections with other state and local elections.

Result of "yes" vote

"Yes" vote deletes unenforceable provisions relating to voter eligibility; deletion would have no substantive effect.

Result of "no" vote

"No" vote retains unenforceable provisions that require citizens to be 21 years of age to vote in school board elections.


Amends Oregon Constitution. The Oregon Constitution requires voters in school district elections to be 21 years of age and residents in the school district for six months. It also requires voters to pass a literacy test to vote in school district elections. This measure would eliminate these school district voter eligibility requirements because they are unenforceable under the United States Constitution and federal law. Voters in school district elections would still have to satisfy all other voter eligibility requirements for local, state and federal elections in Oregon. This measure would "clean up" the Oregon Constitution by deleting outdated and unenforceable language.

Estimate of financial impact

There is no direct financial effect on state or local government expenditures or revenue.