Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Congressman

Occupational Background: Attorney helping Oregonians start high-technology and international trade businesses.

Educational Background: Stanford University; Harvard Medical School; Yale Law School

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Family: David and his wife Michelle have two children, 11-year-old Matthew and 9-year-old Sarah. Michelle taught school in Oregon for 12 years.

A Common Sense Leader Who Fights for
Your Values and Priorities

Strengthening Our Economy While Reducing Wasteful Government Spending

David Wu believes that the Iraq War has cost us our economic security. Instead of spending billions in Iraq, he wants to invest at home in new schools and quality, affordable healthcare.

Wu is pushing for more technical and vocational training programs so Oregonians are trained for good jobs in expanding industries like healthcare and renewable energy solutions.

Wu is fighting methamphetamine abuse and voted for a tough law that restricts the sale of ingredients used to make the drug.

Protecting Oregon's Environment and Reducing Energy Costs

David Wu believes in protecting Oregon's natural beauty and our environment from the damage caused by climate change and pollutants.

To help lower prices at the pump, Wu called for a crackdown on big oil companies and speculators that artificially drive up gas prices while making record profits.

Wu voted to require utilities to use more renewable energy.

Against the war in Iraq; Supports Our Troops

David Wu has opposed the Iraq War from the beginning while always supporting our troops.

Wu ensured that our troops have the best equipment available, and has fought to prevent redeploying our troops into combat until they are rested, ready and retrained.

Wu improved the standard of living for U.S. military personnel. He passed a military pay raise, improved health insurance coverage for military families, and secured the biggest increase in education assistance for soldiers since the 1944 GI Bill.

Independent, Effective Leadership

(This information furnished by David Wu for Congress.)