Judge of the Supreme Court
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Martha L


Occupation: Associate Justice, Oregon Supreme Court

Occupational Background: 30 years as an attorney in private practice

Educational Background: University of Michigan, BA; University of Oregon School of Law, JD

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Commissioner, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws; Commissioner, Oregon Law Commission (2003-2006); Past President, Lane County Bar Association; Member, Uniform Trial Court Rules Committee (1984-1986)

Family: Married, two children


"Justice Walters is a superb legal analyst who comes from a unique background, and I was pleased to appoint her to the bench. She cares deeply about Oregon, its laws, and its people. She has the right combination of intelligence and down-to-earth compassion we need to retain on our Supreme Court."

Governor Ted Kulongoski

"Before joining the court, Justice Walters earned an outstanding reputation in the legal community and has quickly proven herself to be an excellent judge. Her keen intellect and sound temperament are ideally suited to the important task of serving on our state's highest court."

Betty Roberts, former Oregon Supreme Court Justice

"With more than 30 years in the legal profession, Justice Walters has the experience we need on the Supreme Court. She has a deep knowledge of the law, is decisive, hardworking and tough. Her decisions are firmly based in the law, regardless of the parties before her."

Carl Neil, former President, Oregon State Bar

"As citizens, we are each responsible to do our part to make our system of justice one that is fair, impartial and effective. As a judge on your Supreme Court, my particular part is to listen closely, think carefully and write clearly. I try, every day, to fulfill my responsibility to you and do my best to ensure that every person is equal before the law. I would be honored to earn your vote."

Justice Martha L. Walters

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Justice Martha L Walters.)