State Representative
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Occupation: Law Librarian

Occupational Background: Teacher; Small Business Owner

Educational Background: BA; MA

Prior Governmental Experience: Governor's Volunteerism Commission; Pendleton's PEG Task Force

Personal: Husband to Judy; father to Ken and Chris, an Oregon Guardsman who died from treatment for injuries suffered in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

What Oregon leaders say on

Rep. Jeff Merkley, candidate for US Senate and Oregon's House Democratic Leader
"Ben Talley backs common sense solutions to the challenges we face."
US Senator Ron Wyden
"Ben Talley will provide strong leadership for Eastern Oregon in Salem."

When Democrats took control of the Oregon House last year, they promised Oregonians to put our State back on the right path… But my opponent's House Republicans spent their time trying to stop critical legislation from being passed. They voted against:

Spending Our Money Wisely and Fairly

Access to Affordable Health Care

Efficient, Sustainable Transportation

Leading-edge Environmental Stewardship

Supporting the Knowledge Economy

Affordable Housing

Looking Ahead…

Today's global economic and climate crisis demands creativity, consensus, and sacrifice. Oregon cannot build an innovative, high-growth economy with where people are not happy and prosperous. While schools, good jobs, low crime, infrastructure, fair taxes matter, the places that have advantage are places where, according to a Gallup poll two things stand out:

The first is the quality of the place itself. People want to live in a community having great parks, libraries, and recreation.

The second is openness to diversity that includes different races, youth, gays, artists, and newcomers.

When it decides where to invest, job-creating industries vote with their feet. Oregon cannot compete with one economy of "haves" and another of "have-nots" – or where some people are welcome and others are not.

You can leave things just the way they are and let my opponent continue to block Oregon's progress. Or… you can vote for Ben Talley – someone who is looking forward and who vows to support one good economy for all working families.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Ben Talley.)