Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Electronics Consultant, fully self employed, 16 years,

Occupational Background: Circuitry Design, Problem Solving, Programming.

Educational Background: B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Experience: Chair, Libertarian Party of Oregon, 2008; LPO Lobbying Director 1996-1999; Local Cable TV Producer.

My name is Joe Tabor, and I ask for your vote for Representative in the U.S. House. My strongest qualification is an understanding of my friends and neighbors, since I talk politics with nearly everyone I meet outside of work. I have good communication skills, an understanding of technology, analytical skills, and a strong commitment to upholding the Constitution of the United States of America.

I will vote for no bill that conflicts with the Constitution, and will support only bills that I have time to read -- long bills may be filled with unacceptable special interests, or overreaching laws. I will pass no laws to benefit one class of people over another.

Congress needs to stop funding wars and bring our soldiers home. Then Congress needs to work on ways to encourage low cost energy development, better immigration policies, and ways to cut medical costs. No solutions for these are obvious, so I'll need your help.

The best way to bring positive change is to transfer administration of social programs from the federal government to the fifty states. Why rely on an organization that is 3000 miles away? Oregonians have twelve times more State Representatives to talk to than U.S. Representatives. I would like to partner with you and any interested State Representatives to bring about this change. Federal legislators have taken on too many tasks. When these tasks are returned to the states, the U.S. Congress can focus on national defense and not empire building.

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(This information furnished by Friends of Joe Tabor.)