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Jerome (Jerry)


Occupation: Teacher

Occupational Background: Juvenile Corrections 1977-1981; La Grande High School 1981 -

Educational Background: Bachelor's Degree (Political Science)– Illinois Benedictine University; Fifth Year Degree (Education)- Eastern Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: none

United States Sen. Ron Wyden
Oregon Education Association

On Jerry Sebestyen (HD 57, La Grande): "Jerry's background in education, his ability to listen to others, and his ability to bring parties together are among the many good reasons to support him in November."
~US Senator Ron Wyden

My priorities will always be arm in arm with the people of the district. I am interested in improving the lives and futures of Oregonians especially the residents of House District 57.

I believe education and economic development are one and the same thing. A modern economy whether commercial, agricultural or industrial cannot thrive without trained and educated workers, consumers, innovators, and business owners. The road to stability starts at the doors of elementary and secondary schools, universities and community colleges. The future of our children and Northeast Oregon can be found in our public elementary and high schools, our community colleges, and our universities.

90,000 Oregonians are eligible for the Oregon Health Plan yet go uncovered. We can do better!

Rural America has some of the greatest need for health care facilities. Ways to fulfill those needs must be found.

With the changes in energy costs come great hardships but also great opportunities. We are an area that has potential in the development of "Green Energy" projects for power generation. Our wind, solar, and biomass possibilities can be turned into viable realities. The people of District 57 are resourceful, problem solvers and doers who have many great ideas that can take us into a future filled with hope and optimism.

I look forward to being your next representative in the legislature. Together we can take challenges and turn them into assets.

Communicator    Honest    Flexible    Creative    Professional

Information provided by: Jerry For The House

(This information furnished by Jerome (Jerry) Sebestyen.)