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Occupation: Veterinarian; Farmer; State Senator

Occupational Background: Veterinarian; Businessman; Farmer

Educational Background: Cornell University, B.A.; University of Illinois, B.S., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator since 2003; State Representative 1997-2003; Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Ways and Means 2003 - present; Canby Planning Commission 1981-1996

Married to Martha 33 years, raised five children, Claire, Maren, Steven, Ryan, Travis


Character and the Right Experience

Kurt Schrader is a husband and father, a veterinarian, a farmer, and a small-business owner. He built a business, met a payroll, and provided health care benefits for his employees. Kurt has the character we expect, and as a legislator earned a reputation for straight talk, fiscal responsibility and getting things done across party lines.

"I support Kurt Schrader because I trust Kurt Schrader." -Senator Frank Morse, Republican

Fighting for our middle class

Kurt understands the everyday pressures faced by Oregon families as prices for gas, food, college tuition, and health care are skyrocketing. In Congress he will focus on what makes the greatest difference in the lives of middle class families and those struggling to get ahead:

Kurt is supported by:
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Farm Bureau
Oregon AFL-CIO
Oregon Forest Industries Council
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Congresswoman Darlene Hooley

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