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Occupation: General Manager for J.A. Sutherland Inc. Paid

Occupational Background: 35 Years experience as a Business Owner, Director of Operations and Management in the hospitality industry.

Educational Background: United States Air Force, Leadership School; University of Maryland, Far East Division, General Education, Business; Sacramento State University, Sacramento: Business Management and Leadership courses with four of the top companies in the in the hospitality industry.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

As I have with the business that I have owned and managed, I will execute fiscal responsibility and conservative, creative decision making that will make a difference in how our county government functions, leading to positive change in our condition. I have seen examples of inaction and poor decision making that have contributed to our problems. I recognize actions that can be taken to put the county on a track of fiscal responsibility. We cannot depend on funds from the federal government, ultimately that is relying on national politicians and activist and their ever-changing self interest. County leadership must be proactive and develop a well thought out long term plan. I will move our county government from reactive to proactive and favor common sense change over entrenched personalities, bureaucracies and special interest groups. I will introduce a plan to develop entrepreneurial, technological and scientific based conservative solutions to our county's socioeconomic problems.

(This information furnished by George Rhodes.)