Representative in Congress
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Pacific Green

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Occupational Background: Power System Engineer, Powerplant Operator, Consultant, Electrician

Educational Background: BS Electrical Engineering, UC/Berkeley

Prior Governmental Experience: Boulder County Energy Advisory Committee

I'm running to offer Oregonians in District 5 a true choice. Politicians from both major parties claim they are agents of change, but what we get is more of the same. Republicans and Democrats both seem more concerned with getting elected and appeasing their corporate donors than in dealing with the threat of our ballooning public debt, job and health insecurity, world instability, the energy crisis and global warming.

My professional expertise is in solving problems. I hope to apply the same skills in addressing the various crises our nation faces:

Ending the Iraq War

I pledge to withhold voting one more dime of your tax dollars going toward the occupation of Iraq. Additional funding should only be for bringing our troops home safely and taking care of them when they return.

Giving Working Americans a Break

Repeal Bush tax cuts and restore tax rates on the wealthiest Americans.
End corporate tax breaks (2/3 of corporations paid no tax from 1998-2005).
End deficit spending and shift funding away from the Pentagon.
Repeal trade agreements off-shoring our jobs.
Institute national single-payer health care so all Americans have access to good medical care.

Restoring our Democracy

Repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and restore habeas corpus for all citizens.
Institute public financing of all federal elections.

Action on Energy and Climate Change

Repeal tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.
Increase federal funding for renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and wave energy, meaning Green jobs for Oregonians.
Increase government funding of energy conservation programs.
Sign the Kyoto Protocols and join the world in fighting Global Warming

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

Break the cycle and send a real message to Washington!!

Vote Green!!

(This information furnished by Alex Polikoff.)