State Representative
Al Pearn photo


Occupation: Owner/Operator Tiffany Acres Tree Farm

Occupational Background: Retail Management, Lt. Colonel, US Army (ret.), Financial Services

Educational Background: B.S., Business Administration, Culver-Stockton College, M.S. Project and Systems Management, University of Southern California, Master Woodland Management, OSU Extension

Prior Governmental Experience: Bonny Lake Planning Commission (WA), Siuslaw Watershed Council, Executive Board, (OR)

Al Pearn on Oregon State Government


Bad Public Policy has caused businesses to fail and jobs to leave Oregon. Each lost job costs state income tax revenues. Poor public policy has restricted business and industry, run us short of state money and now plans on increasing state taxes.

Fuel Costs:

The Governor's 10% ethanol mandate drives up everybody's costs by lower mileage and increasing maintenance costs. Help me reverse the Governor's 10% ethanol mandate!


Railroad, highways and air services are critical to the South Coast. The Coos Bay-Eugene rail line is critical to jobs and new industry. Highway maintenance should be fully funded.


Get money into classrooms and let educators teach!!! A solid education builds self confidence, desire for success and a future. A well trained, motivated work force is critical to new business and industry.

Public Health and Safety:

Protection of life and property is government's responsibility and must be funded. Health and public safety are placed at risk by politician's bad decisions and not serving the people's needs.

Public Service Belief:

I want to hear citizens opinions, and I will inquire and investigate.


Encourage Oregon business and industry to grow!

We need jobs! Not more taxes and higher fees!

I WILL make Good Public Policy Decisions!!!

(This information furnished by Al Pearn for State Representative.)